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Spring 1

Such busy writers and readers 📒✏️

The search for all things water!

What floats and what sinks?

Chinese new year!

Our maths stay and play was a huge success, thank you to all the parents who came and joined us. Hope you had fun!! 

 Nursery make a snowman!


Congratulations Charley and Muhammad this weeks superlearners 😃

Congratulations to Guraaj and Isla for being our Super Learners this week!

Still had time for lots of maths, bird watching and fun in the snow, WOW!

Making, decorating, icing and then eating our dino biscuits with hot chocolate on Fabulous Friday! 🦖🥛🍫

Exploring the ice egg, we said it was smooth, cold and wet. We said we could melt it in the sunshine, in our hands or in the oven, such great ideas. We remembered that water becomes ice when it freezes and when it melts becomes a liquid again.

Great fun!!!

Look at this dinosaur egg made out of ice, we had amazing ‘talk’ about what ice was, how we could get the dinosaur out and what would make the ice return to liquid!

Mummy dinosaur came back for her baby! She thanked us for looking after Harry so well.

Look at us being messy making bird feeders to help look after the birds this winter. Hope you put yours outside, be patient the birds will come and they will tell their friends, then they will come too!

Our 2 welly walks have been both cold and wet, still lots of fun though! The first one we hunted for our names and this weeks was a bird watch, ask us what we nknow about blackbirds.

We played ‘I spy’ with a partner, we spotted different dinosaurs and then counted them. Fabulous counting from everyone, just like Susie super learner!!

Phonics this week is all about tuning into sounds, we are great Lindi Listeners.

Our sound of the week is ‘Mm’ we really enjoyed having a go at letter formation and talking about things that start with the sound.

🌜 🍉 🥩 🏍 🍄 🐀 🐵

Can you say the words?

We love everything about dinosaurs!!

  • 🦖
Oh my goodness we found huge dinosaur footprints in the classroom leading up to a basket with a dinosaur egg wrapped up in it. There was a letter from a mummy dinosaur asking us to look after her egg while she was away. We talked about what kind of dinosaur it might be, a stegosaurus or perhaps a T. rex? Well we hope it’s not a T. rex because they are carnivores and eat meat yikes!!!

Our classroom has some great new areas to explore. We have a dinosaur dig, where we can look for Dino skeletons, there’s a super fossil excavation area and in the reading area puppets, dinosaurs and a moving picture book where the dinosaurs look real! 

Welcome back everyone, hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and are looking forward to an exciting new year!

Can I take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the lovely gifts and cards for myself and the Nursery staff. They were fabulous and very much appreciated.


Our topics for this half term are 'What's in the egg' and 'Water'

We will become explorers digging for dinosaur bones and finding out all about dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. Join us on our Jurassic adventure!!

School Awards