Moss Park Infant School

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Spring 1

Thank you to all those parents who came to our maths workshop. We had great fun being marvellous mathematicians!

We measured different objects in the classroom to find which ones were longer or shorter than the ruler.

We made ice caves and explored what happens when you freeze water and when ice melts.

Spring Term Planning MTP

The South Pole came to Moss Park.

In maths we have been finding different ways to make 10 using objects and numicon.

We have been experimenting what happens when we mix colours.

Wow ! Look at our amazing outdoor classroom.

We sorted which clothes we would take to the South Pole.

Last week a penguin arrived in our classroom

Mrs White has loved getting to know all reception elm class

Why do penguins huddle and cuddle?

This half term we will be learning all about penguins and where they live! We will be reading and exploring the story 'Lost and Found' and will continue to develop our language and story telling skills through 'talk for writing'. We will also be celebrating the Lunar New Year and learning all about the different ways it is celebrated across some of the countries in Asia!

School Awards