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Spring 1

Rights Day- Having the right to be healthy! (Article 24)

Today in nursery, we learnt all about having the right to be healthy. We talked all about what our bodies need to make us healthy and grow big and strong. The children told me they needed food, drink, exercise and sleep to make them healthy, as well as brushing their teeth and doing PE with Mr Jordan! Some of the children made pictures of themselves looking big and strong, did printing using fruit and vegetables and we all made a salad to take home. We also did some running and jumping, we ate all of our snack, drank our milk or water and then had a rest during golden time. What a super busy day learning about having the right to be healthy! 

Maths stay and play

Thank you so much to all of our parents/grandparents who made it to our maths stay and play session today. The children were all very excited to see you all there, and take part in some of the exciting things that we do in nursery. It is such a great way for you to get involved in the nursery life and your child's learning and development. We can't wait for the next one! 

Today for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for some numbered dinosaurs! We had a go at recognising the numbers, and then we had to be super coco collaborators to put the numbers in the right order. After this, we had a go at writing the numbers using the chalk. What superstars! 



What AMAZING dinosaur eggs! Miss Curbishley and Miss Taylor were very impressed with some of the dinosaur eggs that the children made at the weekend with their grown-ups- they were super!! 

All of the children then decorated their own dinosaur egg in nursery- We can't wait to see what dinosaur they may have inside! 

PE with Mr Jordan

This week in PE with Mr Jordan, the children had lots of fun doing some balancing. The children had to walk around with a bean bag on their arm, and on their head- trying hard not to let it fall off. They did a super job at this and then had a go at throwing the beanbag up into the air and trying to catch it! 

This week on our welly walk, we decided to go on the hunt for some clues of who may have left their egg in our nursery classroom. We put on our binoculars and off we went! As we were walking around, searching high and low, you will never guess what we found?!

A dinosaur footprint!!

The children were so excited about their findings. However, first we had to check it wasn't one of our footprints. The children all drew around their feet to see if it was them that left this huge print. We all realised our feet were far too small!! 

The children decided to draw a picture of what sort of dinosaur they thought the footprint might belong to! 

Once we had finished this, the children had a try at writing our sound of the week, which is 'e' for egg. 

What a busy welly walk this was! 


We were very excited when we saw that our role play area has turned into a dinosaur land this week!! The children enjoyed exploring, and playing with the dinosaurs until one of them spotted something...It was an egg!! The children began to do some investigating to see what sort of egg this could be! 

Making Fruit Kebabs!

Today we used our super strong control to cut the fruit up into small pieces using a knife, and then push them onto the kebab sticks. We talked about being Safe Spike when using the knives and about how fruit makes us big and strong like Healthy Henry! 

For our Welly Walk this week, we got the parachute out! The children moved the parachute in a range of different ways and at different levels. We then added rice and it sounded like rain! We finished by trying our best to stop the balls from falling off! We had so much fun!! 

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Nursery were very excited to learn and take part in some Chinese New Year celebrations. We got to use some traditional props and learnt some new dance moves. It was lots of fun! 

Can you pour the water without spilling?!

This week during our group time, the children had to take on a big challenge! They had to see if they could use the jugs to pour the water into the containers- without spilling any! They did AMAZING! Super control and independence. 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk we went on the hunt for some rain drops! The children had to then, with the help of Miss Curbishley, decide whether their word on their rain drop rhymed with 'wet' or not. They did a super job at sorting these! 

The children enjoyed another PE lesson with Mr Jordan this week! They played the traffic light game and played a game called 'Around the world'. The children moved in a variety of different ways and said hello to their friends in different languages as they passed them. 

Shower or bath?

We carried out an investigation as the whether most of our children had a bath or had a shower. We found out that some children have both a bath and a shower, but most children have a bath! 

As we have been learning all about germs and staying clean, we decided to give our dolls a wash. The children gave the babies a bath, using the soap and sponges. We then put them onto the potty, put their nappies on and dressed them. They did a super job at this and were excellent Coco Collaborators working together as a team! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today on our welly walk we went on the hunt for some drain pipes! This links in with our theme 'The drop goes plop' where we are learning all about water and the water cycle! We found lots of different sized pipes and noticed that they either went to a grid or into the ground. We then got into a circle and did a range of movements to represent different stages of the water cycle before balancing back to nursery along the grid, trying really hard to not fall into 'the sea'!

It was so much fun!

When a couple of little visitors came to nursery...

Today the boys and girls were very excited to see Coco and Susie our school guinea pigs in our classroom! We were superstars at being very quiet so we didn't scare them away. Some of the children had a little hold or stroke, and then we talked about the importance of washing our hands afterwards. As soon as we had finished touching the guinea pigs, the children used the skills of hand washing from yesterday, to clean their hands thoroughly.  

Getting rid of those germs!

As part of our theme 'The drop goes plop' today we learnt all about how important washing our hands are to get rid of those germs! We all put a bit of paint on our hand and that was our 'germ'. We figured out that water on its own would not wash it away! We had to use soap and some different tools (sponges, clothes) to get rid of the 'germ' properly. We then used a paper towel to dry our hands. We had lots of fun! 

Our first PE session!

Today we had our very own PE session with Mr Jordan! The nursery children are very excited to be able to get the chance, for this half term, to take part in different physical activities and exercises to help keep us fit and strong like our super learner Healthy Henry! 

Welcome back!

Today all of the boys and girls were very excited to get back into nursery and see all of their friends again! The children each took turns to talk about what they did in the holidays, and what Father Christmas brought for them, before then exploring our brand new nursery layout and new toys! What a super start back! 

The drop goes plop!

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a lovely break, and are ready to get going again! 

This half term we are going to be doing two short but exciting themes. We are going to begin by learning about water. Within this we will learn the importance of water, washing our hands to get rid of germs, and making predictions on whether objects will float or sink.

We will then be doing a few weeks on dinosaurs! Using our imagination to try and figure out what is inside this egg that had appeared in our nursery! 

We are very excited, and we hope you are too! 

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