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Scented Garden

Soup making

We made some healthy soup this morning. We learnt how to peel and cut the vegetables safely then we threw it in the slow cook and waited for it to cook. Luckily, it was ready for the afternoon so we got to taste our soup. 

Some of us thought it was yummy, some not so much. 

Well done to Willow class child and superlearner of the week

Fun meeting Sonny’s duck

In maths this week, we will be starting our shapes topic.

How many shapes do you know? 

Can you name all of these?

Maybe you can write about their properties?

Well done to our lovelies for receiving a truly deserved certificate. 

We are all very proud of you. 

Move over weatherman/woman! We are the new kids on the block. This week, we've learnt why it's important to measure weather, how to measure it and how to make our very own weather station. 

If you want your daily weather update, why not come into our class?

Maths problem of the day. Have ago. Come and tell Miss Godfrey your answer. 


Well done to our amazing children receiving their certificates. Very well deserved. 

We are getting really good at maths. But we know some grown-ups are wanting to help us at home. Here is a poster that will help you understand how we do maths in our classroom. 

Why not test us and see how much we know?

(Miss Godfrey will hand these out to anyone wanting a copy)

Nature is playing a big part in our education at the moment. In science, we are investigating how plants grow and seeds disperse. Lots of fantastic discussions being had. 

Things are starting to grow in our classroom. The grass has taken on a life of it's own and our seeds are sprouting too. 

Here is the maths challenge of the day. Have ago!

Get your brain working this weekend with these maths problems. Come and tell Miss Godfrey your answer on Monday. 



Well done to all of Willow class, you have all worked super hard this week and deserved your Oscar certificates. An extra special well done to our Oscar winners. You can tell by their super big smiles that they were so proud. 

It was touch and go this morning, but we put on our warmest gear and braved the winter weather. We made it to the library in one piece and had a great time learning the ins and outs of a working library. 

We are the next generation of computer programmers. This week we started our computing lessons by learning about algorithms and coding.

On Tuesday, we celebrated maths through the book 'a wing on a flea'. We went on a shape hunt and then wrote our own book (and illustrated it).

Wednesday, was another exciting day, with Matt Goodfellow coming into school and teaching us about poetry. We were excited to learn that poetry doesn't follow any rules. We wrote a brand new class poem and had a go ourselves. 

The day the crayons quit

World Book week has started with a bang! We had an amazing assembly where all the crayons quit causing havoc in the classroom. We wrote a letter to the green crayon begging him to come back. 

On Friday, Moss Park Infants held their first music soiree. It was great to see lots of Willow class performing. Everyone was fantastic!

Chinese New Year

We had so much fun on Friday, we tried lots of different foods and Chinese dancing. It's a shame it only happens once a year!


We were so lucky to have Evan's dad come in and expertly teach us how to plant our seeds. He talked to us about what he does and we learnt lots of interesting facts. Keep an eye on our plants, lets see whose will grow the biggest.

Well done our certificate receivers. You can tell by their big smiles that they were very proud. 


Georgia O'Keefe

Today, we have been learning about the America artist Georgia O'Keefe. She was heavily influenced by nature (even though she hated flowers).

She painted huge painting using oil or watercolours. 

We've been influenced by O'Keefe and created our own images of flowers.

We've got our first two pieces of work on the celebration wall. Well done Mishal and Reuben, really lovely writing this week.

We've been learning about division this week. We learnt how to share and group to make equal groups. Here are some questions that we've done in class and a little challenge to get our brains going. 


Try making up your own questions. 15 sweets shared into 3 bags? or 15 apples shared into 5 bags?


It's all getting exciting in our classroom,. We've got a mini beast area with growing grass (hopefully) and have been visited by Lizzie's birds.

It's all about multiplying and dividing in our maths lessons.

Check out this cool superhero video.

Our new exciting book is 'Lizzie and the birds'. We had an amazing English lesson today, getting to know the book and deciding which part was our favourite. Take a look at the fantastic birds we met. I hope we get to see some of these in our trees. 

Have you ever wanted to open a door into a secret garden?

What do think you would find?

Minibeasts? Flowers? Birds? Trees?

Maybe another world, full of amazement and wonder?

School Awards