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Rights Respecting School 2022 - 2023

In assembly this morning Mrs Lavin launched our new Rights Respecting project where we can help other children around the world , who are not having their rights met because they have lost their homes either through war or climate change. These children are called refugees and have the same rights as all the children here at Moss Park (Article 22).

All we have to do is design a welcoming postcard for a refugee and for each one we design , a charity will donate $5, we can design as many as we want (full details will be on Seesaw). The finished art work will include welcoming messages from children all over the world , helping to dispel prejudice and create a welcoming world for all its children 🌎💞. 

Our school council 2022 / 2023


We are delighted to introduce you to our new School Council 2022/23.  We are looking forward to an exciting year of events and projects that will empower and help our children, and children all around the world, to have their voices heard and their Rights met.

RRSA action plan re accreditation for GOLD 2022

Look at all the used pens we are going to recycle 🖊

Did you know you can recycle used pens and crisp packets at school ? Bring them in to school and pop them in our recycle bins - if you are not sure where they are just ask one of our School Council Members 🌿👍






What being a School Councillor means to me ......

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Introducing our School Council 2021/2022

We are a GOLD rights respecting school

Rights Respecting Day 12th May 2021


Today our School was a sea of blue 🌊 as the children celebrated our Rights Respecting Day. Everybody wore blue and donated a pound which will be going to a UNICEF initiative to help other children around the world have their rights met. 
From Nursery right through to Year 2 our children amazed us with their knowledge and understanding of their rights. We looked at different countries around the world and how they acknowledged children’s rights and then compared them to this country - some countries do not acknowledge children’s rights we were shocked to find !!!

Our class charters are powerful when discussing children’s rights in the classroom

Rights Respecting Celebrations in Nursery

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Children’s Rights Day - Reception Elm

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Year 1 - Beech

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Rights Respecting Day Year 1 Ash

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Rights Respecting Day 2 Willow

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Rights Respecting Day in Year 2 Birch

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Parking Protest 29th - 1st April 2021

After complaints came into the school office about the dangerous parking around the school at drop off and pick ups the School Council decided to remind our grown ups about our rights to be heard (article 12) and our right to be safe (article 19).

Year 2 helped us to design some road safety posters and we held a week long protest outside the school gates in the morning and the afternoon just before drop off and pick up.

We have noticed a reduction in dangerous parking and our children are now having their right to be safe respected.

Thank you to everyone who took notice of our protest 🚙🙏

Earth Day - Reception have been learning about their right to clean water, sorting all the rubbish into the correct recycle bins. We noticed the water was polluted so we thought of ideas to save our oceans.

Our rights respecting E safety day

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Screen free day 5.2.21

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During the period of lockdown the school council decided it was very important to remind the children of our rights , especially the right to relax and play (article 31) which linked to our screen free day.



We are pleased to announce that we have now have a new Rights Respecting School Council 😊 the successful candidates are :

Safa and Bilal - 2 Birch

Penelope and Harris - 2 Willow

Zaki and Alex - 1 Ash

Ziyaad and Caspian - 1 Beech

(Green jumpers and photographs to follow 📸🌿)

We will be asking the children in Reception if they would like to be the School Council after the half term break , once they have had a chance to settle in and become familiar with our School 🌿 there will be 2 children from each class.


Can I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who applied to be on the School Council - we had so many amazing applicants and it was very hard to choose, it makes me proud to know that so many of you know about your Rights and the Rights of children all over the world - I know together we can make a difference 🌍🌈💗.



Our collection for Refugees - article 22

September 2020


We’ve started the new school year in our usual way - with a bang 💥

We put a call out for nappies and basic hygiene products for the refugees on the Greek Islands who were hit by devastating fires in September and our Rights Respecting community didn’t fail us , your response was overwhelming and we were able to deliver your most generous donations to the charity who will make sure they get to the children and families who so desperately need them - THANK YOU SO MUCH 😊 




If you would like to be on this coming years School Council Starting September 2020 please submit either a letter or a video to or your class teacher, telling us why you would like to be on the School Council - what Rights do you think are important ? Are you an Eco Warrior who wants to help save the planet ? Are you someone who believes that children can help change the world for the better ? If so tell us all about it - I’d love to hear from you.

Get your Rights Respecting thinking caps on 🌏 

See you September 

Mrs Underwood 

Hello everyone !


I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe - school is definitely not the same without you all !


Eco Eddie has asked me to ask you all if you could help him with our next Eco Brick challenge ??

We need to collect 257 2litre Eco Bricks !!! Yes that’s right 257 !! I know that sounds a lot but if we can all make just 2, 2 litre Eco Bricks per family we will have them in no time at all 👍😊 and think of all the plastic you are keeping out of our rivers and oceans 🌊🐳🐢🐠🥰 I know what brilliant Eco Warriors you all are 🌿


Now what do we need all those Eco Bricks for I hear you ask ??? Well Mr Moore and Eco Eddie have come up with a brilliant plan to make a stage for our Reception area, so our Reception children can sing, dance and perform whenever they like - doesn’t that sound fantastic 🎭🤹🏾‍♀️🎼


How do you make an EcoBrick?

  1. Collect your clean and dry household waste. We recommend only waste that you cannot recycle (like dog food bags), but you can EcoBrick anything non-biodegradable and dry.
  2. Twist your waste and insert it into a plastic bottle. Compress it as tightly as you can with a stick.
  3. Keep doing this - make sure your bottle is unsquishable.
  4. Think your EcoBrick is done? If you can squeeze it by more than 10% with one hand you should add more waste.
  5. No longer squishable? It's done!


You will need your  grownups to help as they need to be packed really tight and you need to weigh them before you return them to school - a 2 litre bottle needs to weigh 660grams !! That’s quite a lot so remember to pack them tightly 👍


So happy Eco Bricking everyone!


Looking forward to seeing you all again soon 🥰


Mrs Underwood 😊



We had some visitors from Rainbow Haven Charity today. They talked to us about the work they do with Refugees and what it means to be a Refugee.

At Moss Park Infants we know that Refugee children have the same rights as us and we want to help them have their rights met, by sharing this knowledge and practically, by bringing in donations for our visitors.

We’re so proud of our Rights Respecting community 💗🌈

Our parents and carers have been very generous and brought in lots of donations for The Rainbow Haven charity !!

And here’s what the children think MPI RRS #GOLD 🌟

Alice and Ola sent us some photos from Rainbow Haven

First Eco Brick project

Global Climate Strike March

Eco Brick Workshop October 2019

Right Respecting action plan 2018

Rights Respecting Mindmap 2017

Rights Respecting Level 1

PowerPoint from 'With Love from Layla'

Moss Park Infants is a Rights Respecting Community

Rights Respecting information for parents

Rights respecting steering group meeting Thursday 23/2/17

Our Rights Respecting day 2017

Our fabulous Rights Respecting morning

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We taught our grown ups all about our rights respecting school

We are learning all about children's rights

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Fabulous year 2 parent and child rights morning. We taught our grown-ups all about being a rights respecting school

Rights Repecting parent and child activity session Tuesday 7th February 2017

Steering Group meeting 7/11/16


Rights Respecting Steering Group meeting Monday 7th November 2016 at 2.30pm in the school hall for:

Staff who are on the steering group

Parents on the steering group

School Council 


see you there!

Rights Respecting Schools Award

Rights Respecting School Council


Moss Park Infants Is a Rights Based Community

The Rights Respecting Schools Award is a Unicef UK programme that aims to put children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK. We want our school to embed children’s rights in our ethos and culture to improve well-being and develop every child’s talents and abilities to their full potential.

Please work with us on a journey to become fully Rights Respecting. This award will recognises our school's achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC or UNCRC) into practice within Moss Park Infants and beyond. We are excited to be on the rights-respecting journey.


Every Child has 'Rights'

Every child has a right to dignity, life and liberty, Justice in the law

Every child has a right to company, friends and family, With no fear of war

To every child their own identity, nationality, Time to rest and play

To every child of each ability each necessity, Growing from day to day


Children have the right to be healthy, to go to school and learn

And say their prayers in their own religion’s words

Anytime and anywhere around the big wide world

These are the rights of every boy and girl


Every child has a right to safety, free from slavery,Somewhere to call a home

Every child has a right to security, confidentiality, Language of their own

To every child responsibility, sensitivity To all the people of Earth

To every child their individuality in diversity, Knowing each others’ worth


Children have the right to speak and have their voices heard

What’s best for them should be the main concern

Anytime and anywhere around the big wide world

These are the rights of every boy and girl


Anytime and anywhere around the big wide world

These are the rights of every boy and girl

These are the rights of every boy and girl

Yes, these are the rights of every boy and girl


School Awards