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Reception RC – Miss Cowgill

G o o d b y e  t o  C l a s s  R C!

Wow I can not believe how fast the school year has gone.  I just want to say a HUGE

T H A N K   Y O U  to all you parents, grandparents and childminders who have been very supportive this year.. All the children have had a great time in our class and they have made a great start to their education.  I really look forward to moving up with the class and helping your child to become the best they can be with your continued support.    Thank you, Miss Cowgill  frown




Mary Poppins, Scarlet O'Hara &  Florence
Master Cooke Lady Zara & victorian children!
The Chimney sweeps of Moss Park
All the victorian maids
Baker Franke, Flower Girl & the victorian children
The victorian children & the flower girl
Yakoub asks What is this? Do you know?
Dylan playing in modern manchester
Franke playing in Victorian Manchester
Ebony's independent writing
Jack and Hannah finding out about Victorian times
Hana using the small world (old Manchester)
Finlay's independent writing
Zach writes a question about the Victorian times
Lola's independent writing
Who's this unlikely pair? Isaac took this photo.

G r a n d p a r e n t s     a f t e r n o o n

We found out lots of interesting facts about when our grandparents were little, we asked lots of questions and found out how it is different to today.  Can you believe there was NO colour TV. laptop, or playstation!  The toilet was outside in a hut and they didn't get to play with any toys at school!  These are just a few things we found out... Thank you to all who came today.

The singathon was a huge success today..A MASSIVE thank you to all who have donated.

We took a walk on the wild side at Blackpool Zoo!

We love Freddy Fit

Sporty Stay and Play  

We loved looking after the guinea pigs this week!

N u m e r a c y  

Can you solve the number problems? Can you add two groups of objects? Do you recognise and know how to write all your numbers to 20?

Miss Cowgill's been to the lego shop!
4 wheels for 1 car. how many cars can you make?
how many axles will you need for 4  wheels?
how may axles will you need for 6 wheels?
Can you solve the nuimber problem?
What does double mean?
Adam knows his doubles.
Alex shows he can add two digits
We practise writing number sentences
Uhbann shows his number sentences
Lucas show his number sentences
Dylan and Jack practising counting

Talk for Writing

Can you use the story map to retell the story to your family?



Lucas makes his own story map
Harr and Lucas on the moon
The Bears at the Farm by Thomas
Jaya's treasure chest adventure

Look! There's been a 'commotion' in Reception.



Click on the link for the Sea creature song

Parents if you have not returned your child's Technology Questionnaire please can you do so.  If you have mislaid it I can provide another. (I do have a couple returned with no names on)  THANK YOU so much and a huge thank you to those who have already returned it,  Miss Cowgill smiley

Family Learning Week-April 2016

The week was based around the story of Stanley's Stick, a story about a boy who carries a stick everywhere and uses his imagination to change his stick into all sorts of wonderful things.  He starts his story at Stockport train station and ends up in Blackpool.  The children collected sticks and used them in all sorts of creative ways.  We also used the story to get creative with our writing.  Every Year goup got involved from Nursery to Year 2. Take a peek at the photo's below. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PARENTS WHO WERE ABLE TO HELP OUT, IT WAS GREAT TO HAVE YOU IN SCHOOL WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT TOO smiley

Friday:  'The Den Experiment' with Chris

We started the day with an assembly led by Chris from The Den Experiment.  Parents, children and teachers together. Then we headed off to our classes, we were all in different classes for the day, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 together.  We got into teams and designed and made flags. Next we made small models of our dens using plasticine and sticks.  After that we went outside and started to build our dens. It was very tricky! Miss Cowgill's Dens kept falling down! Finally we covered the dens to make them waterproof and we had snacks inside our dens.

Family Learning Week - Lots of fun with sticks!

Creative Writing Day during F.L.Week

We all took it turns to tell our own version of Stanley's Story.  For example we had 'Oscar's Stick' where Oscar went exploring the beach and came a cross a stick that turned into a Fishing Rod.  He caught a huge whale with it! After we told our story we thought what we would need to write very carefully.  We said each sentence out loud and listened for the sounds we could hear in each of the words.  We had to remember SO much, such as finger spaces, full stops, which letters make which sounds and using correct letter formation which is so important!  We were very proud of our work and really enjoyed doing it. WE ALL LOVE TO WRITE!!

Afternoon Tea for Mums

Phonics Bingo

parents and children working together

World Book Day

We love to share books.  We had so much fun dressing up!

World Book Day

We are learning all about Chinese New Year

What can you find out at home?

You could search with an adult on the internet or go to the library or visit China Town in Manchester City Centre.

We enjoyed tasting the chinese food!! mmmmm delicious

Kung Hey Fat Choi everyone!
painting dragons
writing numbers using chopsticks!
creating decorations on the making table
celebrating Chinese New Year in the homecorner
Chinese writing
look at our writing
chinese writing
Nicole and Arabella went to china town
making hats
eating noodles!

We loved joining in Capoeria - Brazilian dance/martial arts

Still image for this video
capoeira demonstration

Children learning capoeira moves

Still image for this video

We all had a great time

warming up

Still image for this video

**Don't forget P.E. is every Monday. Your child will need a P.E. kit consisting of black shorts, a white t-shirt and easy fasten pumps please.**

Do penguins need to wear a hat? We have been finding out about penguins.

We have been finding the total by combining two groups of objects and we are beginning to record number sentences

Christmas party day

Friday 20th November is Global Learning Day.  We have been learning about Italy. 


C l a s s    p h o t o g r a p h s


We had a great day time for Children in Need - thank you for your donations

Happy Diwali

Bollywood Dancing for Diwali

Still image for this video

It's number time!

we can order, count & recognise numbers to 10

Watch Shuja, Can you say which number comes BEFORE or AFTER? what does before mean?

Still image for this video
Do you understand the mathematical language:
before and after? How well do you know your number line to 10?
Before Shuja answered all the 'after' and 'before' questions Shuja ordered the pieces of numicon and counted out the correct number of pegs. He then found the correct numerals and ordered those to make a number line from 1 to 10.

Watch us act out a part of The Little Red Hen!!

Still image for this video
Everyone had a go at acting out the story. We had lots of fun doing this!

We made bread just like The Little Red Hen. Did you share your bread?

Which ingredients did we need to make bread?
We weighed out the ingredients.
We mixed the ingredients.
We kneaded the dough.

Exploring and learning outdoors

Look at our train, choo choo!!
We made a secret hideout!
Look how big I am now?
Busy oin the building site.

Eid Mubarak!

We're getting good at this!

Yakoub counts and orders the numicon
Let;s make monsters
Let's make monsters
Look at our fabulous monsters!

A very busy day in Reception!

E x t e r n a l   l i n k s   t o   f u n   g a m e s 

These internet sites have fun games to help support your child's learning. Click on the link and have fun!

School Awards