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Reception – Mrs Elliott

Welcome to Reception!


Hello and welcome to our class page. We will update our page regularly with photographs and information. We hope you enjoy finding out what your children have been learning about in Reception.

Please don't forget both Reception classes will have their PE lesson every Monday.

Your child will need a P.E. kit consisting of black shorts, a white t-shirt and easy fasten pumps please. You can also put jog bottoms in for when the weather is cold. If you wish your child to wear leggings for P.E. please put them on under their uniform.

Many thanks.smiley

Click on the document below to see what we will cover this term

We had  buzzing time!!

The Bee Company came to visit our school. We found out many amazing facts about bees especially Honey Bees and how important they are to us and our environment. These are just some of the fascinating facts the children remembered.

Bees fly from flower to flower, sipping nectar and collecting grains of pollen.

Bees have a special tongue that sucks up the nectar and a crop in their throat for storing it until they get back to the hive, where it is turned into honey to use as food.

Many plants depend on bees to spread pollen, helping them to reproduce.

Flowers that attract bees are usually yellow, blue, or purple. (we did a bee dance some of us were bees and some flowers.)

Honeybees and bumblebees live in colonies or hives. All the bees in the colony work as a team to make honey.

Without bees we would not have certain food.

Our Victorian Day

What a fantastic day we had pretending to be Victorians!

So many chimney sweeps
then there was more!
All ready for work maids?
Lady Aaliyah and Lady Anna
Little Victorians
Our work is never done
Annas portrait
Playing small world modern and old Manchester
Darcy remembered that children went out to work!
Writing by Aaron and pictures of victorian houses
Making a Victorian house and people
In go the chimney sweeps
The maids have lunch

Grandparents Day

A big thank you to all out wonderful grandparents who took part in this special day.  The children had lots of fun asking you  questions and I know you enjoyed answering them!


Our singathon

We had a fantastic day at Blackpool Zoo!

National Sports Week 2016

Week beginning 20thtJune we  celebrated National Sports Week, the children took part in a variety of sport related activities in the classroom and outdoors. Some of the activities the children participated in were relay races, football skills, multi skills and linking sport to their maths and literacy work. We invited our families to come and join us for a fun sports activity morning. Also Freddy Fit came to our school and showed us how to have fun, get fit and stay healthy!!


Fun with our families!! A huge thank you to all the grown ups who came to help us.

Fun with Freddy Fit !!

What Did the Ladybird Really Hear?

What an exciting time we have had learning all about farm animals. We focused our learning around the book 'What the Ladybird Heard' to find out lots of interesting information about all the animals.

Writing facts about farm animals
Acting out the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'
Pretending to be one of the animals
What can you buy from the Farm Shop?
Building a dilapidated barn to retell the story
We painted a picture of our favourite farm animal
Making a map about the story

We have had a very busy week in fact there was a real 'Commotion in the Ocean' in reception! Take a look at all the learning we have been doing about under the sea.

Acting out Commotion in the Ocean
Millies story map
Ama's, Anna's and Darcy's story map
Aarons map
Counting fish
Tom was a scary shark
Eesa's super map
Jaidas great story map
Lots more counting
Counting the fish and finding the total
Oh no its a shark attack
Counting shells and writing a number sentence
Wow more adding
Its the Sharks cave yikes!
Amazing sea creature painting
fishing in the rock pool
Singing Everthing Beneath the Sea

This week it was our turn to give our guinea pigs Coco and Suzie a cuddle everyday. We loved it.

 Our final day of Family Learning Week. 


 After our assembly with Miss Cowgill and Chris, RE became the Red Class for the day we were all mixed up with children from y2 y1 and Reception.

Our first activity in the morning was to design flags for our dens. We then used mini bamboo sticks and plasticine to make a 3D model of our den. Chris explained that building the model would help us think about working as a team, talking and planning and sharing the equipment. After playtime we put on our hats, coats and wellies and met Chris in the playground. He provided us with large bamboo sticks, cable ties and pegs. Although it rained a little we were so busy we didn't mind and we all worked very hard to build our dens. 

After dinner we went back to our dens to cover them using a variety of sheets and pegs to make them waterproof. Finally we added our flags,went inside our tents and had our snacks. What a fantastic day we had!

A big thank you to all the grown ups who came to help us today we could not have done this without you!

Another super day in our Family Learning Week.

More fun with sticks!

Family Learning Week

Stanley's Stick

what an amazing day we had!

A big thank you to all the grown ups who came to help us today.

We have been learning all about  Under the Sea.

Retelling the Rainbow Fish story
Soracha used the puppets to tell the story
Sharing the fish evenly into two tanks
We had to share carefully.
We even shared the fish into three rock pools
Wow Aaron shared 30 fish!
Jaida shared lots of fish too
Super writing about the Rainbow fish
Counting pearls using tweezers it was a bit tricky
Anna wrote about a mermaid all by herself
Super labelling of sea creatures
Ezel wrote about a famous Clown fish!
Finding sea creatures and talking about them
Finding facts out about sea creatures
Painting sea creatures outside

Exploring Spring and Easter.

Planting Spring flowers
Getting the planters ready
Make a hole just the right size
In goes the plant
Looking for signs of Spring
Ordering the Easter egg numbers, to 30 wow!
We are going on a Spring walk. What can we see?
 Creating an Easter egg hunt map what a great team
Labelling the egg hunt  map.
A super house for the Easter bunnies.
Following the map to find the eggs!
Painting lovely flowers
We observed Spring flowers and painted pictures

Sport Relief!

We had a fantastic Sport Relief day. We kept active all day taking part in street dancing and we also ran a mile! Phew it seemed like a long run!


                                         Thank you to everyone for your kind donations.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wow! What a very busy week.

Our Mother's Day afternoon tea.

The children worked so hard preparing for our afternoon tea.

Lots of parents joined us for a game of Phonic Bingo, we had a great time. Thank you for coming.

A lovely snowy day! We just had to investigate.


We have been doing some fantastic learning about the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears

Measuring the bears to fit in the house
Making a living room for the bears
James built a bedroom
Constructing beds and houses
Acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Taking turns playing the Goldilocks board game
Painting pictures about the story
Does the bear fit in the bed?
Adding and subtracting bears
Designing beds from junk materials
Another great design

Chinese dancing!

Kung Hey Fat Choi

Still image for this video

The Lion and Dragon dance.

Still image for this video

Kung Hey Fat Choi !

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year, thank you to everyone who sent in Chinese food. We have had a fantastic day celebrating altogether.

Finding out all about Chinese New Year
Telling the Chinese New Year story
Getting ready to taste Chinese food
We made Chinese hats
We made Chinese temples
Darcy made her own Chinese Dragon
Isaac showed everyone how to do the Lion dance
Making Chinese dragons
Safa served noodles from the Chinese restaurant
Neave made a paper plate Dragon
Writing numbers using chopsticks
Abdur-Rahman found China on the globe
Darcy sent a New Year card to Isaac
Issac was delighted
Tasting yummy Chinese food
We finally got the prawn crackers
Ciara loved the spring rolls
Isaac showed Sonny and Ezel how to use chopsticks
We had noodles,rice, stir fry and  spring rolls
Silza said the noodles were very nice
Tasting more Chinese food!
We were very clever using chopsticks.
We really enjoyed Celebrating Chinese New Year

A big thank you.

Thank you to all the parents who made a contribution and organised the purchase of our new library books.  The children were absolutely delighted with them! smileysmileysmiley

Um, dois, tres 



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. We had a fantastic time working with our friends in teams and with partners, helping us to develop coordination, cooperation, trust and respect. We even learnt how to say 1,2,3, in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

 'Brrr it's cold!'


 We asked the question Do penguins need to wear a hat? We have had lots of fun learning about Winter and penguins.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas Party

Lets dance!

Still image for this video

 Peace at Last!

We have been learning all about the story Peace at Last.

Our props to help us tell the story
Mr Bear was very tired!!
Where was Mr Bear going to sleep next?
Making clocks just like the ones in the story
 Using a story mountain and we made our own!
Making a bed for Baby Bear using lego

Numbers numbers everwhere!

We just could not stop counting and writing numbers.

Global Learning Day was so exciting! Picture 1

Tasting Mexican food

So many Mexican activities!

              Children in Need

Thank you so much for your kind donations the children had lots of fun too !! 

Happy Diwali

                  We had an amazing day celebrating the festival of lights.

Drawing rangoli patterns
Making shiny Diwali cards
Very sparkly cards !
Learning all about Diwali.
Getting ready for Bollywood dancing
Our dancing begins!

Bollywood Dancing

Still image for this video

PE in Reception

We are having a fantastic time in PE with Mr Jordan every Monday. The children have been learning how to find a safe space in the hall and  listening very carefully to instructions. They have been doing lots of different movements using their bodies to develop agility, balance and coordination.

Does the moon ever go to sleep?

We have been learning about Day and Night. We asked the question "Does the moon ever go to sleep?". We used the book 'Whatever Next' to help us explore the concept of Day and Night. Please take a look at all the exciting things we have been doing.

We made lots of rockets from junk materials!
Sonny made a rocket using the wooden bricks.
Ezel loved telling the story Whatever Next.
The boys were ready for lift off!
James pretended to be the owl from the story.
Wow Charlie was going to the moon too.
We designed lots of different rockets.
Countdown to the moon using numicon.
Super rocket drawing outdoors
Telling the story of Whatever Next
Baby Bear wanted to go to the moon!
Sequencing the story it can be a bit tricky!
We just could not stop reading !!

Retelling the story of Whatever Next

Still image for this video

Whatever Next !

Still image for this video

We have been very busy learning about Autumn and The Little Red Hen story. Here are some of our exciting activities.

Acting out the Little Red Hen story

Retelling the story in the book area.
Using the IWB to sequence the story.

We had lots of fun making bread.

Exploring Autumn

Eid Mubarak

Lots of exciting activities!

A busy day in the builders yard
Great teamwork
Wellies on to get the job done!
Super repeating patterns
Reading in the sunshine
Acting out the Owl Babies story
Busy writing lists
Practising writing letter shapes

A busy day in Reception !

School Awards