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Nursery - Mrs Wright

Your child is safer at home, please allow only critical workers the emergency school places: doctors, nurses, emergency services. If you have someone to look after your children at home, please do so. If our school reaches the maximum 20% children will be sent to other local school. Let us priorities two key-worker families/single parents who are saving lives
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Click the link below to see stories by the teachers. Enjoy!

Home Learning Science Fun!



Here are a couple of websites that you may find useful.


5 A Day (5 minute exercise routines)


USERNAME: 5-a-dayAtHome



Phonics Play (Phase 1)



Cosmic Kids Yoga


Outdoor Learning Week


This week is outdoor learning week. This gives you the chance to be outside, seeing nature, having fun and enjoying our wonderful world! Below are a few ideas of things you could do this week, in your gardens, on your daily walk or enjoying our open green spaces.

Have fun!

As always feel free to email me of you would like to share your child's learning. 


Go on an egg box treasure hunt.

Go on an egg box treasure hunt. 1

Planting seeds and flowers.

Planting seeds and flowers. 1

Enjoy a muddy walk.

Enjoy a muddy walk. 1

Make rose petal perfume.

Make rose petal perfume. 1

Camp in the garden.

Camp in the garden. 1

Make a bug house.

Make a bug house. 1
Make a bug house. 2

Make a stone sculpture or tower.

Make a stone sculpture or tower. 1

Enjoy these 'outdoor' stories!

Friday 15th May 2020

Friday 15th May 2020 1

Thursday 14th May 2020

Thursday 14th May 2020 1

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Wednesday 13th May 2020 1

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Tuesday 12th May 2020 1

Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 11th May 2020 1

Dough Disco!

Dough Disco is a great way to develop finger muscles in preparation for writing in reception. This article shows the importance of developing those muscles.

I have included a really simple play dough recipe that you could make together then go to the disco! Everyone can join in and go wild! The children have done dough disco quite a lot at nursery so will recognise what to do and lead the way!

Happy dough discoing! 

Picture 1
Picture 1

Friday 24th April 2020

Friday 24th April 2020 1

Have a great weekend!

Keep safe and don't forget to email me pictures of what you have been doing!

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Thursday 23rd April 2020 1

The ingredients are very simple: liquid soap, almond (or olive) oil, cornflour, watercolour paint or food colouring.

Simple and Fun!

Scroll down-it has saved on the next page for some reason!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 1

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Tuesday 21st April 2020 1

Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning!


We have designed a new format for home learning which is hopefully clear and accessible for you all at home. 

You can do all the ideas, one of them or something else.

The idea is for learning to be fun together!


Remember to use 5 a day, phonics play and Joe Wicks to vary your day!


Don't forget to tag me and Mrs Higgins on Twitter.

@EmWright01 @claireh06511629


We love to see what you are getting up to!


Have a lovely day!

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Our Class Charter! Nursery have been learning about our Superlearners and Children's Rights. We made our charter with the rights that are important to us. The Right to an Education, The Right to be Safe, The Right to be Healthy and The Right to Relax and Play.

Our Class Charter! Nursery have been learning about our Superlearners and Children's Rights. We made our charter with the rights that are important to us. The Right to an Education, The Right to be Safe, The Right to be Healthy and The Right to Relax and Play. 1

Welcome to our Nursery Class Page

Hello. I am Mrs Wright and I am going to be your new class teacher, alongside Mrs Higgins who is our teaching assistant.

We hope you have all had a lovely summer. We are very excited to meet you all again and welcome you into your new classroom! 

We have been busy over the summer getting the Nursery all ready for us all to start an amazing year of fun, love, laughter and and a whole lot of learning!!


We will use this page to share lots of photos and information of what we are getting up to in Nursery, so that you can see all the fun and can support your child in their learning.



We will see you very soon when we come to visit you at your homes! 


Our first day of nursery will be Wednesday 18th September 2019. 


Morning session is 8.40am-11.45am

Afternoon session is 12.30pm-3.30pm

Full time is 8.40am-3.30pm


Please ensure your child arrives on time and is collected promptly.

Thank you!



Spare clothes

Would you please bring a small bag with spare clothes in for your child, just in case of any toileting mishaps!


Every Wednesday we take part in 'Tuesday Trample Well Walk' so don't forget your wellies!!

Please make sure names are in all clothing, jumpers, shoes and wellies please.


Star of the Week

Each week we will choose a child to be our star of the week, this child will be given Charlie the bear to take home over the weekend, how exciting!  He comes with a bag and a scrap book to record his exciting adventures.


Book bags

After the half term we will begin to send picture books home with the children in their book bags.  Any letters from school or pictures the children have done will also be put in there.  


Nursery Long Term Plan 2019-2020

School Awards