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Nursery – Afternoon – Miss Curbishley

Welcome to Nursery!


Hello and welcome to the NURSERY AFTERNOON page.  This page will be regularly updated with photographs and information.  We hope you enjoy it!

Beach Party!

Today in nursery we had the most perfect weather for our beach party!! The children enjoyed splashing in the paddling pool, finding shells in the sand, playing with a variety of sports equipment, sunbathing in the sun and eating lots of delicious snacks! We spoke about the importance of keeping our bodies safe in the sun and finished by eating a nice refreshing ice lolly! What a great day! 
Today we had lots of fun for sports day! We learnt a traditional English dance to represent our country, Great Britain. We also looked at the flag and spoke about the different countries in Great Britain and found it on our globe! We then did running races, hopping and had to try and throw the ball into the tyre! We were very tired afterwards! 

Picnic in the park!

Well what a brilliant time we had for our picnic in the park! Thank you to all of the grown ups that made it today. The children (and staff) had a lovely time and we hope you did too! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

For our welly walk, the children went on the hunt for some different shells. Each of the shells had a letter on it. The children found one picture each and we then brought them back to nursery and put them in alphabetical order. We used our interactive whiteboard to help us to identify the different letters and also sang our alphabet song! 

Can it float or will it sink?

Today in nursery as part of our topic, learning about the beach, we made some predictions about whether we thought different objects would float or sink. The children all said what they thought before we put the objects in and we went around the room to see what else we could test! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

This week for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for different pictures of clothes and accessories. The children had to find two pictures and then decide whether it would be something you would need in the summer, or something you would need in the winter. We spoke about what our bodies need to protect them from the sun, and why and what our bodies need when it is cold outside. The children were very good at sorting these! 

A visit from Mrs Butler

The children were very lucky to finish off our topic about different jobs by having a visit from Mrs Butler! Mrs Butler came and spoke to the children about what she does as part of her job running the school. Mrs Butler also spoke to the children about when they are in Reception, how they will be going to Mrs Butlers assembly. The children asked lots of questions and learnt a lot more about where all of their lovely toys come from. This was also a great opportunity to talk about the transition into Reception for our nursery children. 

A busy Friday!

Today we have had a very busy day! We started by telling all of our friends what we want to be when we grow up. We used our wooden spoons as prompts which we had drawn pictures of ourselves on. The children then made up their own stories on the carpet together, using their wooden spoons. The children then came up to the the front in pairs to share their stories with the class. It was so much fun!

We then had the fire engine come to visit. The children were very lucky to get to go inside the fire engine and have a turn at squirting the water out of the hose. They loved it! 

We also had an extra special treat today. Because all of our boys and girls got onto GOLD this week, we had a movie and some popcorn during golden time! Well done to all of nursery!  

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk we went on the hunt for different clues of different jobs. We had to match the right 'worker' to either their car, workplace or a tool which they may use. We did a super job at matching them all! 


Well what a brilliant day we had today for the singathon! The children did an AMAZING job at singing for half an hour without stopping! We also got to experience a range of different music throughout the session, had a little dance and learnt the name of some very interesting instruments! 

A visit from Mekhi's mummy!

A big thank you to Mekhi's mummy who came to visit nursery to talk about her job. The children loved talking about the different adverts and cartoons that they watch! 

A visit from Mia's daddy!

Today nursery were very lucky to have a visit from Mia's daddy. Mia's daddy is a fireman! He brought in a smoke detector which we all got to listen to- it was very noisy! We talked all about what to do if there was a fire, and what number we had to call. We then all got to try out different parts of a fireman uniform. We were very excited! Thank you so much Mia's daddy! 

Freddie Fit

Today nursery had lots of fun going over to the main school to take part in a fitness session! The children learnt all about the importance of stretching, did lots of moving around and dancing, and spoke about which foods are good for them, and which ones we shouldn't have as often. 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

For our welly walk this week, the children went on the hunt for some different shapes. The children found either a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, heart or star. We then made the shape which we had found using our bodies. We had lots of fun! 

A visit from Luca's mummy

As we are currently learning about different jobs/hobbies, today we had a special visit from Luca's mummy. Luca's mummy is extremely creative and usually makes us a lovely picture each week for our sound table. Today, Luca's mummy told all of the children that looking at pictures and artwork makes her very happy, as does when the children draw pictures. She made all of the children a beautiful picture each with their name on and even matched the children's name with an animal or object. The children loved them and all took them home. Thank you so much Luca's mummy! 

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you so much to all of our Daddies, Grandad's and Uncles who made it into nursery to celebrate Father's Day with us! The children loved having you in and being able to show you our nursery. There were games being played, cards being given and some food being eaten. We had a great time and hope you did too! 

A visit from the police!

Today the boys and girls were very excited about their surprise visitors! The children learnt all about what a police officer does, the number to call in an emergency and even got to meet real police officers! The children all got to sit in the police car, try on the police uniform and have a go at holding a real police shield! We had a listen to the sirens and had to look out for the blue flashing lights. It was great fun and we learnt lots of new things! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

For our Welly Walk this week we went on the hunt to find our names! This was a bit of a tricky one, as we couldn't just pick any up like usual! The children did a great job, and all came back to nursery with the correct names. Well done! 

First Day Back!

Today in nursery we had a brilliant first day back! The children were very excited to see we had a new interactive board, a brand new role play area and a fantastic new outdoor play area!! The children celebrated with a little party in the rain. We had a cake and some juice, which went down a treat! 

We also had a visit from Tigger the bearded dragon! This was to support our sound of the week which is "d". 

Fun Friday!

Today in nursery we had a super last day of term. We finished our 'growing' topic by having an physical session! The children did running, jumping, star jumps, push ups, sit ups and hopping with Miss Curbishley and then played a pirate game with Miss Lawton. We stretched our muscles out and had a rest, and talked about how strong and healthy we get when we do exercise. 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk the children found some pictures of different objects. To link with our topic, the children had to decide whether their picture made a person, a flower or a guinea pig grow big and strong. They did a super job at sorting these! 

What makes us grow?

This week we are learning all about what makes us grow! We have started the week by drawing around our friends and looking at how tall we are. We had to decide who was the tallest and who was the smallest, and stay really still whilst being drawn around which was a tricky job! 

Shared Learning Activity

This week I have sent home the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' attached to the weekly letter. We have have been learning this story over the past couple of weeks and it would be great if you can join in! If you could read the story to your child and encourage them to show you the actions we have learnt, it is lots of fun, you can join in too! 

Making egg and cress sandwiches!

The children had lots of fun making egg and cress sandwiches. The children have grown their own cress, we pealed the shell from the eggs, added some mayonnaise and then we all had a turn at using the masher to mash the eggs. The children then spread the egg mayonnaise onto their sandwich and sprinkled on some of their cress. We took them home to eat!

The children learnt all about the process of growing, that we can eat some things which we grow, safety when using equipment and this activity really helped to support our physical motor skills too!  

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk, Miss Curbishley's story of 'The Enormous Turnip' flew out of the door and all of the pages got muddled up! The boys and girls all did a super job at finding a page of the book and then we worked together to put the story back together again. We have been learning our own actions to this story over the last couple of weeks. After we had put the book back together again, we went onto the 'stage' and performed our story. What superstars! 

Phonic fun!

We had so much fun having a really good try and writing all of the letters which we have been learning in nursery. We went outside onto the playground with our big chalk and even sang our phonic songs whilst we did this! 

Shared Learning Activity

This week I have sent home a sunflower seed attached to the weekly letter. It would be really good if you could plant the seed with your child and talk about the process of what a flower needs to make it grow. Please send in pictures of updates on how your sunflower is doing! 

Suzie and Coco visit nursery!


Today nursery were very excited to see we had two special visitors in nursery! We were in charge of looking after the school guinea pigs for the day, and what an amazing job we did! We said good morning to Suzie and Coco at register time, showed them how super we were at tidying up and staying super quiet so that we didn't scare them. The children told Miss Curbishley that guinea pigs need food, water, sleep, a play and a friend to help to make them grow. The boys and girls did a brilliant job of washing their hands after they had held the guinea pigs, to get rid of any germs. 

Welly Walk Wednesday!


Today for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for some rhyming words! We had to decide whether the words that we found rhymed with 'grow' or whether they had to go into the bin. Everybody did a great job at sorting the words to make our very own rhyming flower! 

Planting with parents!

A BIG thank you to all of the mummies and daddies who made it into nursery over the past two days to help us to plant some seeds. Despite the weather, everybody made such a big effort and made our planting experience much more fun and exciting...even if we did get a bit messy! We can't wait to watch our seeds grow into beautiful flowers! 


Our new role play area!

The children have enjoyed exploring our new role play area so far this week. They have made all sorts of exciting things using the gardening tools, plant pots and soil. We had potion making, cake baking and tree planting going on today! The children did a great job sharing all of the tools, helping each other put on the gardening gloves and building on their imaginative play.  

Releasing the butterflies!

Over the last few weeks we have watched our butterflies turn from caterpillars, to cocoons and then to butterflies. Today we let our butterflies go and gave them a big wave goodbye! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today in nursery we enjoyed a lovely sunny welly walk! As it is the last week learning about minibeasts this week, we went on the hunt for some ladybirds! When we found the ladybirds, we realised they were all broken in half. The children counted the spots and matched them all up to each other. They did a super job!

Colour Mixing!

On Tuesday in nursery we learnt what happens when we mix two prime colours together. We made beautiful butterflies and we all had to guess which colour our hands would turn when we rubbed them together! 

Den fun!

Today when the children came into nursery, we were very excited to see that whilst we were all asleep, some pirates had come and built us a den to play in! We all went on an adventure to find some treasure, making flags and telescopes to help us on our way! 

Moving home!

Today we were very excited to see that our caterpillars were ready to move homes in their new cocoon's! We can't wait to watch them every day to see whether they have turned to butterflies!

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our Welly Walk we went on the hunt for different things to make a bug house! The children in nursery found some sticks, stones, leaves and other natural materials found outdoors to make a home fit for a minibeast. We then decorated our bug houses using bright colours to make it look inviting for them! 

Stick fun!

Yesterday in nursery we had lots of fun with sticks. We made a variety of beautiful marks on the paper and then decorated some sticks with paint, feathers and glitter to make our own wind chime for our playground! 

Muddy Feet!

Today at nursery, we had a special visit from Alex from Muddy Feet. Alex came and read the children a story called 'Stanley's stick' and then we went outside to take part in some exciting activities! The children made a variety of different things using some sticks and clay, and then made a house, also out of sticks. Thank you to the parents who could join us. We had lots of fun!
Please can we remind all parents that if you have got any boxes at home, or come across any sticks on your journey to nursery, please bring them in! We are hoping to make lots of lovely things next week for family learning week! If you would like to come in to help on Monday's Muddy Feet session, please bring in your slips as soon as, all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Welly Walk Wednesday!

For our welly walk today, we went on a hunt for some pictures of caterpillars! All of the children in nursery managed to find them all for Miss Curbishley. We then had to figure out whether the caterpillars were big, medium or small. We did an amazing job sorting these out!

Today we made fruit kebabs!

Today at nursery we made some fruit kebabs. We talked about whether our fruit was healthy or unhealthy. This is following from our weekly story which this week is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' who likes to eat lots of food! 


We were all very excited to see that our caterpillars had grown over the weekend! Today we watched as they all moved around, we counted 5 of them and some of us even did a portrait of the new additions to our class!

Our weekly letter

This week we have had a great first week back from Easter. We have spent lots of time getting to know each other even more, and helping Miss Curbishley learn all of our names! Our challenge this week was to peg the legs back onto the minibeasts, we were very good at this! We also counted the legs on all of the insects, made our own minibeasts using the shapes, searched for minibeasts in our role play area and took part in our first welly walk!  

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today at nursery we went on our first welly walk! The children went out of our nursery and into the main infant playground on the hunt for some 'missing' pictures. The children managed to find all of the images and then we had to sort them into objects which began with the letter 's' and objects which didn't. The children did a brilliant job at sorting all of the pictures out!

            Sport relief!

Ready to go!

We started walking.....

......then we had to run!!

    Thank you to all the mums who came to our

                 Mother's Day tea party!


                  It was a great success!

 Mother's Day Tea Party

                         Friday 11th March 3.00pm!


        Happy Mother's Day!


Painting pictures of our mums


  Celebrating World Book Day

                                                       Our new term will be very exciting! 

                              Our topic is “What will you find in the woods today?” 

   We will be having a teddy bear's picnic to introduce our topic.   This will be on Friday 26th February.  More details to follow!


The children had a lovely time celebrating Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!

Chinese food tasting and Traditional dance.

                                                          Mud Kitchen Update!   

                             Our Mud Kitchen is now up and running!    


  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Nursery Fund. We have been able to buy coveralls and provide wellies.


Any contributions of more wellies, plastic plates, utensils etc. will be warmly



         Happy New Year to everyone!


                            Our  topic for the beginning of our new term is birthdays.                           There will be a mysterious box in Nursery! 

                                         Whose is it?

                                      What could it be?

                  We are back to a new term and it's going to

                be very busy with lots of exciting activities!
            The children have been very excited this week as they have been exploring our  Dark Den, which we used to introduce

                              our Night and Day Topic

                                 "Who stole the Sun?"


                                                EXCITING NEW OUTDOOR AREA IN NURSERY!!


 We are developing a MUD KITCHEN outdoors in the Nursery. We are all very excited and keen to open it.  Many thanks to Mr Lambert for building us our outdoor kitchen unit!





We now need your help in stocking it! We would be very grateful for donations of any old utensils, pots, pans etc. which you think we might be able to use. We will also need wellies so that the children will not get their shoes muddy! If you know anyone with older children who might have grown out of their wellies please ask them to donate to us. Thanks to your contributions to our Nursery fund we will be able to provide some waterproof coveralls for the children to share.

School Awards