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Nursery – Afternoon – Miss Curbishley

Welcome to Nursery!


Hello and welcome to the NURSERY AFTERNOON page.  This page will be regularly updated with photographs and information.  We hope you enjoy it!

Beach Party!

Today in nursery we had the most perfect weather for our beach party!! The children enjoyed splashing in the paddling pool, finding shells in the sand, playing with a variety of sports equipment, sunbathing in the sun and eating lots of delicious snacks! We spoke about the importance of keeping our bodies safe in the sun and finished by eating a nice refreshing ice lolly! What a great day! 
Today we had lots of fun for sports day! We learnt a traditional English dance to represent our country, Great Britain. We also looked at the flag and spoke about the different countries in Great Britain and found it on our globe! We then did running races, hopping and had to try and throw the ball into the tyre! We were very tired afterwards! 

Picnic in the park!

Well what a brilliant time we had for our picnic in the park! Thank you to all of the grown ups that made it today. The children (and staff) had a lovely time and we hope you did too! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

For our welly walk, the children went on the hunt for some different shells. Each of the shells had a letter on it. The children found one picture each and we then brought them back to nursery and put them in alphabetical order. We used our interactive whiteboard to help us to identify the different letters and also sang our alphabet song! 

Can it float or will it sink?

Today in nursery as part of our topic, learning about the beach, we made some predictions about whether we thought different objects would float or sink. The children all said what they thought before we put the objects in and we went around the room to see what else we could test! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

This week for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for different pictures of clothes and accessories. The children had to find two pictures and then decide whether it would be something you would need in the summer, or something you would need in the winter. We spoke about what our bodies need to protect them from the sun, and why and what our bodies need when it is cold outside. The children were very good at sorting these! 

A visit from Mrs Butler

The children were very lucky to finish off our topic about different jobs by having a visit from Mrs Butler! Mrs Butler came and spoke to the children about what she does as part of her job running the school. Mrs Butler also spoke to the children about when they are in Reception, how they will be going to Mrs Butlers assembly. The children asked lots of questions and learnt a lot more about where all of their lovely toys come from. This was also a great opportunity to talk about the transition into Reception for our nursery children. 

A busy Friday!

Today we have had a very busy day! We started by telling all of our friends what we want to be when we grow up. We used our wooden spoons as prompts which we had drawn pictures of ourselves on. The children then made up their own stories on the carpet together, using their wooden spoons. The children then came up to the the front in pairs to share their stories with the class. It was so much fun!

We then had the fire engine come to visit. The children were very lucky to get to go inside the fire engine and have a turn at squirting the water out of the hose. They loved it! 

We also had an extra special treat today. Because all of our boys and girls got onto GOLD this week, we had a movie and some popcorn during golden time! Well done to all of nursery!  

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk we went on the hunt for different clues of different jobs. We had to match the right 'worker' to either their car, workplace or a tool which they may use. We did a super job at matching them all! 


Well what a brilliant day we had today for the singathon! The children did an AMAZING job at singing for half an hour without stopping! We also got to experience a range of different music throughout the session, had a little dance and learnt the name of some very interesting instruments! 

A visit from Mekhi's mummy!

A big thank you to Mekhi's mummy who came to visit nursery to talk about her job. The children loved talking about the different adverts and cartoons that they watch! 

A visit from Mia's daddy!