Moss Park Infant School

Our school is a place to Learn, Love & Laugh

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Start of day learning

We welcome parents/carers into school each morning to begin the school day with your child. This is an opportunity for you to participate in the first 10 minutes of learning each morning (8.50am-9.00am when the bell goes).


This is very much about supporting your child with the challenges that the class teacher has set in class. Please don't worry if you can't come in everyday or need to rush off to work. However, the opportunity is there if you wish to do so.


It's not the best time to catch the teachers as they are very busy as this time. If you do need to have a chat with a teacher, they would be more than happy to see you at a more appropriate time (before or after school)


Don't forget to give us feedback on how the start of day learning goes. smiley

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