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Maths Intent Implement

 Problem Solvers of the future! 


Why our Maths curriculum looks like this: 

At Moss Park Infants we strive to deliver a maths curriculum that is creative and engaging. Maths is the foundation for understanding the world and we want our children to know the purpose behind their learning and to apply their knowledge to their everyday lives. Our children need to develop the necessary skills to make them “deep thinkers” acquiring maths skills that can be recalled quickly and transferred and applied in different contexts. Children need to be able to make rich connections across the areas of maths and use their knowledge in other subjects. We ensure there is appropriate support and challenge throughout so all children achieve. We believe it is vital that children are exposed to and secure with concrete resources before moving on to pictorial and then abstract methods. To be able to meet end of year expectations, the children need to demonstrate their understanding and be able to explain their reasoning. 


How Maths is taught at Moss Park: 

Here are Moss Park we follow White Rose Planning as a guide, in order to ensure that our children have full coverage of the Maths National Curriculum. All children are catered for within the maths lessons ensuring that the teacher offers the necessary support, personised learning and challenge for each individual to make progress. We ensure that maths is taught in creative and engaging lessons, using hooks and a wide array of maths manipulatives to aid and support our children in their learning. ICT and outdoor learning is used widely across each year group to deliver the maths curriculum and to offer our pupils a range of exciting activities to challenge and inspire. We believe that young children are meant to move around and explore rich and inviting STEM workshops, both indoors and outdoors. All classrooms have working walls to facilitate children's learning and provide extra challenge. We aim to encourage the deepest of learning for our children so that their knowledge can be transferred and applied in many contexts including other subjects e.g. science and art and their everyday lives.


Our aim is:

  • To ensure that the three core areas of the national curriculum are covered in all our lessons: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Reasoning is a key area in all our lessons as our children need to be able to succesful in this subject. 
  • Mathematical vocabulary is an essential part of each lesson and the children need to understand this within the area they are studying and be able to make rich connections across other areas within this subject.
  • Ensure each lesson provides children with the opportunity to reason through their ideas, use their mathematical language to explore a line of enquiry and problem solve routine and non-routine problems.



Here at Moss Park Infants we offer enrichment activities such as; problem solving in Forest School which supports life skills. We also celebrate Maths learning weeks throughout the year. 


Growth Mind-Set

Our Super Learner, Polly Problem Solver encourages the essential growth mind-set children use in all aspects of their learning. 

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