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Leading Parent Partnership

Involving yourself in your child’s education is an exciting challenge, with excellent benefits for your child, for you, for the school and for the local community.


Research has identified that, at age 7, a parent’s influence on a child’s learning is six times that of their school and even at 11 years old, it is 29% greater. Increased involvement can raise achievement by at least 18%. No involvement means low or no qualifications at 16.


We are using the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) to help strengthen our school’s partnership with parents. LPPA is a national award that provides us with a valuable school improvement tool and also gives us recognition for our commitment to working with parents.  We originally  achieved the LPPA award in 2017 and will be looking to continue our excellent work going forward and hopefully be in a strong position for reassessment in 2021/2022.


The LPPA helps us achieve these long-term benefits:


•  contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress

•  increase parent participation and involvement

•  enhance parents’ support in their children’s learning

•  improve communication between home and school.


If you would like to become more involved or want more information, please contact Mrs Latham on 0161 864 3636.  We  have recently re-established our Parent Focus Group who will act as a working group to help enhance our involvement with parents and carers.  If you have any suggestions or feedback about anything relating to school, please contact your Year group representative.

Year Group Representatives




                    Victoria Dean

                    Khadija Diwan

                    Rebecca Elvey

          Holly Hair

          Catherine McHenry Mills


                    Year 1


          Year 2

                     Siddiq Diwan

                    Ian Turner

          Laura Mitchem

          Rizwana Shabbir

                            Samantha Crockett


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