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Healthy Squad

Healthy School Squad 2018

Introducing our Healthy School Squad!

Introducing our Healthy School Squad!  1
Introducing our Healthy School Squad!  2

A big welcome to our Moss Park Healthy School Squad! 

Miss Curbishley is very excited to get to work with the children on making our school the healthiest it can be! 

Decision Time!

Decision Time!  1
Decision Time!  2
Decision Time!  3
Decision Time!  4
Decision Time!  5
Decision Time!  6

What an amazing response we have had from all of the children applying to our Healthy School Squad! Miss Curbishley was AMAZED by all of the fabulous ideas and suggestions that were on all of the application forms and the effort that had been put into them. 

As it was such a tough decision, Miss Curbishley called on the advice from our School Council who did a super job helping me to go through all of the forms. 

The Squad will be announced on Friday in assembly.

Thank you to everybody who took time to do their application form! 

Healthy School Squad 2018


Miss Curbishley needs 6 super children to become the new Healthy School Squad of 2018


She will be giving the children in KS1 and Reception an application form and if they are interested in becoming a member, they must tell her why they would be AMAZING at keeping the school healthy in both body and mind!


Remember a grown up at home can help you think of ideas.


Good luck!

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