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Eco Eddie Team 2022 - 2023

Our Eco School team is pupil led alongside the school council, involving the whole school and the wider community in exciting environmental projects. We want to raise awareness and spread the message to look after our school and the world we live in.


Moss Park pupils have a voice and they have a safe platform to use it, which means that they become organisers, planners and influencers. Projects are inspired from their imagination, decision making and from our forward thinking adults of the future. 


 This is what we’ve done so far...


Step 1 - The Eco Team were formed and presented with green capes. Children were inspired by our new super learner Eco Eddie 

Step 2 - We completed an environment review 

Step 3- We met as a team to discuss our action plan, you will find this on our Eco board 

Step 4- We discussed curriculum links with our teachers and created posters 

Step 5 - We involved everyone in our Eco work through assemblies, workshops and the wider community 

Step 6 - Our evaluation - we are measuring the impact, what’s working well? 

What do we need to do more of? 


What’s next...

Step 7 - We now need to create our own code and display this on our Eco board and around school. 

Complete our online review and apply for the Eco Bronze award 


Watch this space! 







If you would like to be on this coming years School Council Starting September 2022 please submit either a letter or a video to or your class teacher, telling us why you would like to be on the School Council - what Rights do you think are important ? Are you an Eco Warrior who wants to help save the planet ? Are you someone who believes that children can help change the world for the better ? If so tell us all about it - I’d love to hear from you.

Get your Rights Respecting thinking caps on 🌏 

See you September 

Mrs Underwood 




Hello everyone !


I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe - school is definitely not the same without you all !


Eco Eddie has asked me to ask you all if you could help him with our next Eco Brick challenge ??

We need to collect 257 2litre Eco Bricks !!! Yes that’s right 257 !! I know that sounds a lot but if we can all make just 2, 2 litre Eco Bricks per family we will have them in no time at all 👍😊 and think of all the plastic you are keeping out of our rivers and oceans 🌊🐳🐢🐠🥰 I know what brilliant Eco Warriors you all are 🌿


Now what do we need all those Eco Bricks for I hear you ask ??? Well Mr Moore and Eco Eddie have come up with a brilliant plan to make a stage for our Reception area, so our Reception children can sing, dance and perform whenever they like - doesn’t that sound fantastic 🎭🤹🏾‍♀️🎼


How do you make an EcoBrick?

  1. Collect your clean and dry household waste. We recommend only waste that you cannot recycle (like dog food bags), but you can EcoBrick anything non-biodegradable and dry.
  2. Twist your waste and insert it into a plastic bottle. Compress it as tightly as you can with a stick.
  3. Keep doing this - make sure your bottle is unsquishable.
  4. Think your EcoBrick is done? If you can squeeze it by more than 10% with one hand you should add more waste.
  5. No longer squishable? It's done!


You will need your  grownups to help as they need to be packed really tight and you need to weigh them before you return them to school - a 2 litre bottle needs to weigh 660grams !! That’s quite a lot so remember to pack them tightly 👍


So happy Eco Bricking everyone!


Looking forward to seeing you all again soon 🥰


Mrs Underwood 😊


Wednesday 22nd April - Happy Earth Day Moss Park Infants :)

So today it is Earth Day across the world, it's a very important day because it encourages us all to think about how we can look after the environment and our world. Moss Park Infants are all amazing eco-warriors, they recycle everything that they can in school daily; pens, food, paper and much more! Many of them marched to the town hall earlier in the year in an effort to save our planet :) 

Please find below some nice songs, poems and videos in support of Earth Day.

This afternoon why don't you have a go at:-

  • Making a colourful poster to stick next to your rainbows in the window, telling passers by everything they can do to help save our planet.
  • Creating the below Earth and pop under each part of the Earth why it is beautiful or how we can protect it.
  • Going outside to plant some seeds or water your plants :)
  • Design an Earth Day t-shirt (and then make it if you have a plain, old t-shirt)

I hope you all have a lovely, eco-friendly day :)


The green team meet Kate Green to present their ideas on reducing waste

The green team demonstrated how to make an Eco brick at our parents workshop

Were even using Eco bricks for resources in our classrooms

Reception have been inspired by Eco Eddie...just look at their Art 🖼

A beautiful poster to save the world 🌎

In our school we are trying our best not to waste anything!

Our resources are up cycled, natural and most are plastic free

School Awards