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Early Reading and Early Phonics

What is Early Reading and what is Phonics ?

Early reading, quite simply put is about ensuring that all children are equipped with quality first teaching of phonics to ensure that children can read and access reading at a particular level. Moss Park Infants is proud to recognise reading across our Nursery, Reception (EYFS) right through to our Year 1 and  Year 2 pupils in Key stage . Reading has never been more important. We believe that it is a building block to being able to access the rest of our wider curriculum allowing our children to identify not only as readers, but readers within other subjects.  Our phonics and reading scheme are integral to each other, which means that we teach them side by side. Phonics matches our home readers and guided reading matches the developing next steps of phonics. 


So if you want to see more on what we do for our Moss Park Readers

click the link below to find out more about our Curriculum.

A quick guide to child book bands


What happens when we get caught reading - Then click the link below and see how much we love it!

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