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Celebration of Art

Colour explosions! Nursery experimented with chalk and what happens when water is added to colour....colour mixing skills

Developing control over our mark making skills and explaining our pictures

Children learn skills with our artists in residence and they have opportunity to apply these skills in the classroom

Doorway to learning showcasing the children’s charcoal blending techniques - inspired by nature

Inspired by feeding the birds Reception have been finding out about birds looking at their feathers and differences in colour. They sketched their own birds and used water colours.

World religion celebrations in year 1

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As part of our world religion celebrations, we looked at India and the different religions of India. We have been inspired by Andy Warhols Pop Art. We created prints of the Golden Temple influenced by Andy Warhol. We used rollers and acrylic paints to build on our skills of mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. We will be using the skills we have learnt to plan our final piece of art work.

Nursery mixing colours focussing on cold colours inspired by our winter welly walk.

Transient circle art by nursery inspired by the artist Kandinsky. We used loose parts and colour in our creations.

Nursery experimenting with watercolours. We practised new skills using smaller brushes to create more intricate art.

Mandala Art inspired by looking at Buddhism for world religion day. We used primary colours and outlined our paintings.

Transient Art is in our Early Years provision to enhance children’s creativity we support children with new materials depending on their interests

Reception have been looking closely at shades of green, textures and shapes of leaves. They blended greens using water colours and outlined using black.

The Story of Year 2 Birch being artists for the day

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Year 2 have been studying the Artist Monet. A visit to the local park inspired our young artists to look closely at the foliage. Year 2 have painted in the style of Monet using a dabbing technique.

Year 2 are applying a layering and blending technique using water colours for remembrance art

For World Religion day we explored Islamic Art and made our own Islamic art using different media. We designed geometrical tiles and wrote Islamic and English calligraphy. Our inspiration was a local artist called Raanaz Shahid whose artwork is inspired by Islamic Calligraphy and geometry, she uses textiles, paints and ceramics to create her artwork. 

Year 1 have printed with sculpture in the style of Aborigine Art mixing earthy colours in acrylic paint

Reception have been learning to shade and blend natural found objects and their interest in insects

African Art - painting using bold colours and poster paints

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In year 1, we have been looking at African masks. We have learnt about the history of the mask and discussed the significance of masks culturally. We enjoyed looking at the animalistic features and different symmetrical patterns and textures we could see on the masks. We also noticed the natural earthy tones.
First we designed our own mask. Then we manipulated modelling clay to add texture and different features to our masks. Finally we used natural, earthy tones to paint our masks. We enjoyed learning a mask dance with our masks on.

Reception African Art - designing and outlining to make our Art stand out.

As part of black history month reception have been looking at the history of African masks and many different designs and types of masks. Before we painted our masks we learnt how to design them with a choice of colours and designs. We looked closely at detail and used pencil crayons. Miss Walsh our artist has shown us how to outline our Art work. We remember that it makes our Art pop! 

Nursery having an amazing time experiencing the atelier for the first time and having so much fun while learning new skills.

Reception using fine brushes and water colours to create environmental Art

Mixing media to create a story setting. We used charcoal and baking paper to achieve a planned effect.

School Awards