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Science has all been about Living things and their habitats. We went on a habitat hunt around school. We got our hands mucky looking under rocks, in soil and up trees. We then had to think about why animals or plants lived there. 

Over the past week in maths, we have been working in pairs or small groups to answer tricky problems and reasoning. First we had to crack the code of a mysterious box. Then we've been helping the three bears with their washing. We had an 'I can' attitude for every task and always made sure that we supported our group. 

We are getting excited about tomorrow! Here is a sneak preview of somethings to come. 

We were impressionist today. We looked at different artists such as Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. After a deep discussion we learnt techniques that these artists would have used. We can't wait till we put them into action in our own paintings. 

We've been learning about food chains in Science. Did you know we are a top consumer? And everything leads back to the sun? Well we do now!

Formby Beach

We had an amazing time on the beach today. We made sandcastles, sand angels, had a picnic and searched for red squirrels. It was so busy some of us had to rest our eyelids on the way home. 

Everything beneath the sea -

Have a practise of our performance course.

We had an amazing Rights Respecting day. We spent the day looking at all the Rights and looked at different countries and compared them with our lives. It was super interesting.


We all tried our hardest at sports day and had loads of fun. 

Sports week was a fantastic week. We had so much fun especially making healthy food for our family picnic. It was lovely to eat it with everyone. 

We are not even half way through our Sports week and we have done so much. Today we took a trip down the road to the local allotments. Ashley showed use his garden and we had a wonderful time exploring and learning about growing vegetables. 

We even got to try some fresh peas. They were super yummy!! 

Our new text this term is 'The Lightkeeper's lunch' and we have to say it's an amazing book. We all loved the language and learnt lots of new words. Wow! After reading the book we created some lighthouse collages.

Here are some of our finished puppets. Can't wait for Friday as we're going to test them out and have a puppet show. Let's get storytelling!

We've been adding the finishing touches to our puppets. And even though we say so ourselves...they look amazing!

Here's a sneak preview at some. 


Maths is so much fun, especially when we get to practise our skills by playing games.

We have very excitingly been learn how to sew. In our D.T class we have been researching, designing and creating puppets. Can't wait to see the finished product. 


We have some many kinds students in our class. Hiba brought in some treats in for our class. Not everyone in our class celebrates Eid but it was so nice for Hiba to share her festival with us. 

Exciting news. Our class has two new guests. Meet Fred and Bob our pet snails. They will help us with our science topic this term: Animals and their habitats. 


Well done to our lovelies for receiving their well deserved certificates. 

Keep up the good work. 




Our topic this term is all about Beachcombing. We will be experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the seashore. We will look carefully at both living and nonliving things found at the beach. We will look at a number of seaside creatures then try to recreate these and even invent our own new seaside creature.

School Awards