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Autumn 2

The children all had a brilliant time at our Christmas party! We danced to the music, played some party games, made our own party hats, ate some delicious party food and even had a visit from a special guest! What great fun! 

Making reindeer food!

The children were very excited to be making some food for the reindeers to eat over Christmas! We put the mixture into a big mixing bowl, and then each of us closed our eyes and mixed in the magic! We are very excited to find out whether it worked or not after the holidays!  

Today the children enjoyed taking part in Freddie Fit! We had lots of fun dancing, stretching and moving to Christmas music! 

Merry Christmas!

A BIG well done to all of our nursery children for their beautiful singing in our Christmas Concert! They did an AMAZING job!! Thank you to all of the grown-ups that came to watch! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk, Rosie and Jim (Our class elves) set the children a challenge! The children had to all find their names which had been jumbled up all over the infant playground!! Miss Curbishley and Miss Taylor were very impressed at how every child was able to find their correct names!

Mission accomplished- What superstars! 

Today in nursery, we got well and truly in the Christmas spirit! All of the children helped to decorate our tree! We have two elves that have come to stay in nursery with us called Rosie and Jim. Rosie and Jim will be setting the children a challenge to complete every day right up until we finish for Christmas! We were very excited to complete our challenge of making our tree look beautiful and colourful! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our Welly Walk we went on the hunt for different textures. We used descriptive words to tell our friends what we could feel. We used words such as "hard", "soft", "cold", "bumpy", "spikey", "smooth". The children did an amazing job at finding different things and using their touch sense to think of a word.  

For our welly walk this week we were learning all about size and whether things were bigger or smaller than our boys and girls. We stood next to a variety of different things and each other to see what was big and what was small. We did a great job at working together to find out the right answer! 

Our venture out into 'big school!'

This week the children were very excited to go into the big hall in the main school! We all had a very good go at taking our shoes and socks off on our own, or with our friends help, and got the mats out. The children had fun balancing, jumping and moving around in a range of different ways whilst keeping safe. We can't wait to do this again! 


Today for our Welly Walk the children went on the hunt for a variety of pictures and sounds. The children had to then decide what their sound was, or what the initial sound of their image was and match them together! They did a super job at remembering these! 

We then came back to nursery and the wind began to blow all of the leaves from the trees! The children were very excited and ran around catching them whilst singing our Autumn song:

"All the leaves are falling down, 

Orange, yellow, red and brown,

Falling softly as they do, 

Over me and over you!" 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk we went on the hunt for different images. We had to find one picture each and then decide whether it was a light source, or not a light source. The children did a brilliant job at sorting these out! We then went on the hunt in the classroom for different light sources! We found lots of them! 

A big thank you to all of the parents who made it to our phonics stay and play session today! We hope you had as much fun as we did getting involved in all of our activities! 

Firework pictures!

To finish our very exciting and colourful week learning all about Diwali and fireworks, the children made their own firework picture! They used different colours and a variety of different tools- toilet rolls, forks and a washing up brush to make beautiful marks on their page, followed by a sprinkle (or handful) of glitter! 

We fully made the most of the rain this morning! We had lots of fun with powder paint!! The children chose a variety of different colours and sprinkled them all over our nursery playground! We then watched as the rain came down, the powder turning into paint and making beautiful patterns! It was very messy but lots of fun!!

Teeth Talk!

Today we had a lady come in to talk to all of the children about keeping their teeth nice and clean. As our sound of the week is 't' this week, this fitted in perfectly as we learnt lots of words beginning with 't'! We learnt that to brush our teeth we need a toothbrush and toothpaste. We need to brush our teeth for two minutes, twice a day and that children have an average of twenty teeth, ten on the top and ten on the bottom! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today on our welly walk the children made their very own fireworks! We looked at pictures of fireworks and made a variety of different marks on the playground using the chalk. We then saw that because the sun was out, our shadows had also come out! The children used chalk to draw around Miss Curbishley's shadow, before then drawing around their own!  

When we got back to nursery, we had some very exciting things for us to do. We made an experiment with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and powder paint and watched it sizzle away! We also did some beautiful firework painting, using forks as well as having some fun with coloured shredded wood in the sand! 

A busy start to the topic!