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Autumn 2 Street Detectives

Street Detectives


Christmas Play Songs

01 Gabrile Calling.wma

03 Little Star.wma

04 The Tree of Light.wma

05 Christmas Day On The Beach, Boys.wma

07 Come To The Manger.wma

08 Christmas Candle.wma

09 Children Of The World.wma

Well done to our VIP and super learners this week

Global Learning Day. We looked at the rights of indigenous children in Colombia

Global Learning Day! Painting birds of paradise found in the Amazon

Trying fruits from the Amazon

A fantastic ocarina concert

New skills in gymnastics

Adding two 2 digit numbers by partitioning and recombining

Well done to this week's VIP and Super Learners

On Friday, we had an amazing art workshop with Paul. He started the day by giving us a masterclass in drawing 3D people and objects. Then,  he taught us how to draw 3D perspectives of buildings, similar to the terraced houses in Lowry's paintings. It was very hard, but the children produced some fantastic pieces.

Finally, we focused on the building shapes in Lowry's paintings and created large scale rubbings of the buildings. These are up on display in our classrooms. Please come and see!

We have been learning about the religion Islam and the life of a Muslim.

This week a parent joined us to tell us about her religion, Islam. The children were fantastic Ravi Respecters and asked her lots of questions about the life of a Muslim. Being a Rights Respecting School, we believe that everybody has the right to their own religion and the children were very interested to find out more about being a Muslim. 

We have been Learning about L.S. Lowry who was born in Stretford. Today we printed our match stick figures.

First we drew them on foam.

Then we stuck them to cardboard.

After that, we used acrylic paint and a roller.

It was a real wow when we saw the result!

In Science we have been learning about materials and their uses

In today's experiment we wanted to find out the best material for a spoon. We tested a range of spoons, including a chocolate spoon.

We loved being scientist even though our chocolate spoons melted. Perhaps we could use it for ice cream instead?

Fantastic partitioning using the part whole model today!

Well done to our VIP and super learners of the week!

Fun fun fun at the school disco!

Tricky Maths this week bridging through 10. Why don't you practise at home too....

Well done to our Super Learners and VIPs

Our school councillors went to the Houses of Parliament

This week we have been learning the story Whiffy Wilson and describing the main character

Using Bar Models to help us solve mathematical problems

Are you ready to become a street detective in Stretford?

Grab your detective tools as we are going to investigate our local area now, and then compare it to what it was like in the past 


What do you like about living in Stretford?

What would you change?

How have the buildings changed over time?

How have the streets changed over time?

Who is L.S Lowry and why is he famous?


Here are some photographs of Stretford. Can you see how the buildings have changed?

School Awards