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Autumn 2

Miss Cowgill would like to sincerely thank all parents and carers for their kind cards and gifts.  She is so grateful and will miss you all very much.

We have been the best that we can be just like our Super Learners

Global Learning Day

We thought about the refugees that end up in other countries.  We learnt that Italy set a new law to help refugee children be safe, healthy and get to go to school.

We listened to Luca's Italian music and had a dance! We found out from Elliott that Italy is famous for it's pasta. We saw a picture of the Colosseum in Rome that Amber's parents took on their honeymoon! We made our own version of bruschetta!! and some of us even tried some olives! We did have lots of fun today.

Partitioning numbers into tens and ones

Your homework this week, is to partition the numbers into tens and ones. 

We used objects to help us split the numbers.  Find something in your house that you can make the numbers with.  Always good to use objects to show you understand!

Here Maryam shows us how she used the blue numicon piece with 10 holes for the 10, then counts on using the counters up to 18.  She works out that 18 is made up of 10 and 8.

Dinosaur Planet



The Little Dinosaur

We worked in a team to draw and write captions retelling the story of The Little Dinosaur, just like Coco Collaborator

Look Who has been a Susie Superlearner 

Moosa built a fantastic tower

Is Moosa taller or shorter than the tower?

How many blocks high is Moosa?

If Moosa was double the height how many blocks high would he be?

If Moosa was half the size how many blocks high would he be?

We love the guinea piggies!



We worked like Coco collaborator

look at our ow/ou words

Can you read them?

We were Polly Problem

Solvers in maths today - team work

During Talk for Writing...

Mrs Nosey the Newsreader interviewed Mrs Study-Pants the palaeontologist!

We worked in pairs to be the interviewer & the palaeontologist, who knew all about T-Rex's

We love writing, look at our sentences now

G y m n a s i c s  

Miss Cowgill was very proud this week because we all listened like Lindi Listener & worked like Susie Super learner

Look who's been the best they can be?

Children in Need

We decorated Spotty biscuits for our Golden in Need - yum yum!!!

Stay and Play Maths Session

Well done for being the best

that you could be this week

At Last it's Dinosaur Day !!!

scroll through the photo's we had SO much fun meeting the

baby allosaurus and the Milly the T-Rex

We were being palaeontologists, hunting for fossils!


Look at the last picture, can you remember what this was?!!


Still image for this video

Our favourite phase 3 tricky word song 

Addosaurus in maths again!

Coco-Collaborator would be SO proud.

We worked as a team to complete the dinosaur jigsaw during golden time.

Just wait till you see our handprint dinosaurs and guess what they are called?

Talk for Writing

After research day we learnt our T-Rex chant, then we searched in pairs for capital letters, full stops and question marks and words with some of the sounds we have been learning.

We have enjoyed adding two groups of objects and making the number bigger!

Research Day

We looked on the internet and searched through the non-fiction books to find out as much as we could about T-Rex's

We made observations of the T-Rex and labelled

pictures to help us describe them

We have been enjoying sketching the T-Rex skull in

our light box area

What do you know about dinosaurs? Were they real? How do we know? Why are there no dinosaurs roaming around anymore? What do you think?

Are you ready to be a scientist?

Watch the video and what do you notice?

Look at the shapes of the dinosaurs.

How are they the same?

How are they different?

How big or small compared to the trees?

What is the landscape like?

Are there any people?

Are there any buildings?

What else can you find out?


School Awards