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Autumn 2

Subtracting on a number line

Last week and this week the children have been subtracting using a number line. There is a progression of ways to do this and when we subtract we start our calculation on the right of the line and count back. Remember your child may still want their 100 square to support them.  

The World Map. We labelled the 7 continents of the world. Next step, finding out what the 5 oceans are called!

Freddy Fit came to visit us today. Look out for our Christmas Limbo on the videos page!

We used the atlases to find out whereabouts famous tunnels are in the world. We even found out which continent they are in!

We have been making amounts of money using different coins.

George and the Dragon. Can you use the actions to tell the story?


Once upon a time, there was a huge and ferocious dragon who lived in a mysterious, dark cave high on the top of a misty mountain.  The dragon was always hungry.  He was as hungry as a horse.  Every morning and every evening the people of the kingdom climbed and they climbed and they climbed some more until they got to a ledge as near to the dragon’s cave as they dared to go.  There outside his cave they left big, woolly sheep for him to eat so he wouldn’t be hungry any more.

Build - up

Unfortunately the dragon soon ate all the sheep in the land but he was still hungry.  So he thought and he thought and he thought some more and decided he would have to start eating some  people.  First he would eat the king’s beautiful daughter, then he would eat not one, not two but all the people in the kingdom.  


Early one morning he told the king what he was going to do. When the king realised his daughter and all of his people were in grave danger he was incredibly worried.  The King thought and he thought and he thought some more.  At last he had a plan.  He promised an amazing reward to anyone in the land who could get rid of the terrible dragon.  The person would need to be strong, brave and courageous.  Who could that be?   


Fortunately there happened to be a brave knight called George who was as strong as an ox.  He always put people before himself just like Suzie superlearner.  When he heard about the king’s plan he decided to take up the challenge.  George walked and he walked and he walked some more up the steep mountain to the edge of the dragon’s cave.  The dragon’s huge, red eyes blazed at George as he got ready to blast him with his fiery breath.  Suddenly George took his lance and plunged it into the dragon’s side.  The dragon let out a terrible roar and his huge body twisted in agony and he fell crashing to the ground with a shudder and a thump.


He had defeated the dragon and the kingdom was saved.  The king gave George a shiny, golden shield as his reward and everyone lived happily ever after.  Everyone that is, apart from the Dragon!  

Story writing in Year 2 is getting very tricky! We are learning to add much more detail.

We have been designing and building our own castles using different materials.

We have been working out fractions of numbers.

Born in a Barn - Shh, Shh... Don't wake the baby

Uploaded by lindor1306 on 2014-11-26.

Tell me a Dragon

A reading of Tell Me a Dragon
Listen to the author tell the story. She even tells us some secrets about the story!

This story will help inspire us to write over the next 3 weeks.

Monday 7th November Capoeira

Today we learnt to dance in the style of Capoeira with two instructors. Their instruments were made of all natural materials found in Brazil. We even learned some Brazilian chants. Capoeira is about expressing yourself, being creative, respecting others and enjoying yourself whilst keeping fit. The instructors knew all about our SuperLearners especially Ravi Respector. We had a good time expressing ourselves, laughing and learning whilst also respecting one another and keeping ourselves healthy. 

Welcome back after our first half term break, wishing all our Sikh and Hindu friends a very Happy Diwali.. Please come to school tomorrow in your new Diwali clothes and tell us all about your special weekend. We are all celebrating Diwali in school with you on Monday. 


Our topic this half term is all about Towers, Turrets and Tunnels. 

Do you know how many famous Towers we have in England or in the Uk?

Do you know why people in the past built Turrets? What does a Turret look like?

On Tuesday we are visiting Hoghton Tower and all will be revealed..

Diwali Celebrations

Monday 31st October


Thank you to everyone for coming dressed up for Diwali. We started our celebrations with Jade an instructor who specialises in Indian Dance. She came in a beautiful costume and played some lovely Indian dance music for us to listen to and understand. She taught us how to stand and sit to begin the dance. Piece by piece we learned hand movements and moving our bodies in time to the music. In order to learn the intricate hand movements Jade showed us large pictures of decorated poised hands which we then copied. Each hand movement had a name such as the dove, the bee, the fish and the lion face. We had to chant 1,2,3,4 to keep in time.


Look at the videos section to see us dancing.

Tuesday 1st November

Wow! What a fantastic school trip we had today at Hoghton Tower!

We dressed up as knights, Kings, ladies and princesses. Some of us were even knighted by King Richard (also known as Jake's dad!). We got to design our own family shield and also visited the dungeons! 😁😀 Thank you to all our parent helpers who joined in with all the fun activities! 

School Awards