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Autumn 2

This half term we will be learning all about day and night and exploring light and dark our topic is titled; 

Does the moon ever go to sleep?

Parents update: Autumn 2 medium term planning

Another exciting week in Reception!

We had a very exciting time making Christmas decorations using lots of interesting materials. Then we went into the park and decorated a real Christmas tree! Mrs Butler and lots of our kind grown ups helped us.

Freddy Fit


We were very lucky as Freddy Fit came into school to do festive exercise with us. We had so much fun!

Fun on Slipper Day1

Can you guess which are your slippers?

Thank you so much for all your kind donations.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


A mischievious Elf arrived in our classroom
His name is Jingle he was sent by Santa
Jingle left an exciting glitter trail!
 Great Coco Collaborators decorating the tree
Lorenzo wrote Christmas cards
We played different maths games
Another Christmas maths game
Telling the Nativity story
We counted the baubles on to the trees
Santas workshop
We made paper chains
Nathan wrapped lots of presents
Amber drew pictures of Santa and Rudolph
Designing Santas sleigh
We did it!!
Gia drew a beautiful Christmas tree
We even decorated trees outside
Dylan did lots of Christmas writing
James painted a reindeer and labelled it
Christmas dinner
It was yummy!
We loved pulling the crackers
Weighing Santas presents

More fun this week about Day and Night ! Our new story is 'Peace at Last' about Mr Bear who just could not get to sleep.

We are astronauts on the moon we even made a flag!
Making clocks like in the story Peace at Last
Our Peace at Last story and story map
Construction site at night
Francis turned himself into an alien!
Zayne sat quietly and read the story
We made aeroplanes like baby bear
We investigated water driipping down the gutter
Husna used the stars to help her write numbers
We sorted day and night animals
Lorenzo made a fantastic plane
Writing about Peace at Last
Making more clocks and cutting them out
Clock making we wrote our numbers very carefully
We made a post box for Baby Bears letter




We have been exploring day and night and have been learning the story 'Whatever Next.'  We have had so much fun doing lots of different activities to help us learn about what happens at night and maybe even going to the moon just like baby bear in the story!

Retelling the story
Playing on the moon
Writing outdoors in moon dust
Careful counting teddies onto the rockets
Sequencing the story not an easy job to do!
Writing words from the story
Writing words from the story
Drawing pictures of what we could see on the moon
Ordering numbers counting down to blast off!
More super counting
Busy bees writing together
Counting teddies one to one
Acting out the story
Making a rocket to go to the moon
Another rocket ready for lift off
Ordering a countdown outdoors
Creating a story map
Cooperative writing and drawing about the story
Helmets on all ready to go to the moon!

Happy Diwali Everyone!

We have been celebrating Diwali the festival of lights.  We made Diwali cards, created rangoli patterns and built temples for the people to visit. We also learnt how to do Indian dancing. This afternoon we made our own clay Diva lamps. 

Our first PE lesson!

We had a fantastic time during our first PE lesson. Mr Jordan was so pleased we were all very sensible, listened carefully and found our safe space to learn our new skills.

School Awards