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Autumn 2

Does the Moon Ever go to Sleep?

This half term we will be learning all about day and night. We will be acting out, creating story maps and writing about the story 'Peace at Last'.

We will also be learning about Diwali and Christmas.

A very busy Friday, Christmas Dinner then our Christmas Party!

Fun with Freddy Fit

Thank you to all our grown up for helping us to post our letters to Santa. We had lots of fun. 

Well done to our Super Learner and Child of the Week

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Well done to our super learner and child of the week Mina and Muhammad.

Phonic Bingo

Thank you to all our grown ups who came to our Phonic Bingo. We had lots of fun. 

Child of the week and Superlearner 

International Children's Rights Day

We had a fantastic day celebrating international children's rights day. Our grown ups helped us to celebrate too

We made a paper chain of promises about rights, decorated biscuits, talked about our favourite Super Learner and what right they help us with. We created handprints with children's rights on too. We all came dressed in blue the official colour of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who sent donations for Children in Need. The children has a fun day and on the serious side they learned how the money is used to help children who are not as lucky as they are 

Even Marshall from Paw Patrol came to join in with the fun !

We enjoyed our first time doing Capoeira 

We had a great time working together with Akil being fantastic Coco Collaborators. 

Numbers everywhere!

we have been very busy this week writing numbers and sharing teddies and teddy crisps. We had to make sure everyone had the same amount and it was equal. 

Fantastic Fireworks

We had a very busy day learning all about Bonfire Night. 


We learned about the story of Guy Fawkes and the importance of staying safe on Bonfire Night. We watched and listened to fireworks and then had a fantastic time creating our very own firework pictures.

Happy Diwali

We had a fantastic time learning all about Diwali. We made Rangoli patterns in glitter, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and built temples with the wooden bricks. Also we created menhdi patterns and we were very excited to learn how to do Bollywood Dancing to celebrate Diwali.



Well done superlearner and child of the week

Well done to Ted, Anna and Jacob, for being our Super Learner, Child of the Week and Learning Log stars.

Pyjama Day

What a fantastic  day in Reception! We all came dressed in our pyjamas this made us very excited to learn about Day and Night 

We had the lovely day and night story Peace at Last. All our activities in our classroom were about the story and Day and night. We even have a very exciting dark area to explore sources of light. In the afternoon we had a supper of hot chocolate and toast! Yummy!  We then listened to bedtime stories, it was very hard not to fall to sleep! 

School Awards