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Autumn 2

Freddy Fit has been getting the children in the mood for Christmas.

Super maths this week! Learning about sharing in equal groups.

Well done to our certificate winners this week.

Terry the Terrapin and blue icing on a biscuit! Sheer bliss.

We had a brilliant time making a chain of promises on children’s rights day.

MTP Street detectives

Brazilian dancing part one- more next week!

Adverbs used very cautiously

Super maths addition and subtraction

Well done to our superlearner and child of the week

We have been enjoying our art workshop today, learning all about LS Lowry who was born in Stretford.

Diwali dancing.

Celebrate our wonderful children.

We have been writing instructions for how to make a trench cake this week, just like the cakes that soldiers in the trenches received from home.

We’ve been making poppies and learning about Morse Code.

We learnt how to play marbles this week. Just like children during World War 1.

School Awards