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Autumn 2

Medium term plan Street detectives

well done to our superlearner and child of the week

Thank you for your baubles to decorate our tree

What has Elfie got up to today?

Well done to our child and superlearner of the week

Look how our writing has improved

Using google maps, we were so excited to find our house

Child of the week and Superlearner 

Wow, we were chosen to watch the crane put the new tree in place

International childrens day

We even got to decorate biscuits to celebrate childrens day

A terrapin and a lizard visited our class today

We tried our bread and butter pudding

We made a promise to each other

What a busy day. We know how to make bread and butter pudding now. YUM

Missy came to visit us in class today

Counting notes and coins in maths

Lap top fun, counting money

A special treat today for children in need

Well done to our superlearner and child of the week

We were inspired to draw like Lowry

Army crawling in P.E

Learning how to care for a dog. We met Eddie! We were amazed at his tricks.

Making potions outdoors and writing the instructions

World War 1 singing assembly

Capoeira is back

Celebrating Diwali making Diva lamps

Well done to the superlearner and child of the week

An artist from the Lowry came to visit us. Look at our sketches

Thank you for letting us use your soldier outfit. We love it

Outdoor learning with Mrs Newns

Subtraction superstars

World war one stained glass windows

An amazing day at central library

The guinea pigs are getting so much attention this week

We know how to look adter the guinea pigs

We have been writing some amazing letters to our Daddys in the war.

Well done to our Super Learners, Child of the Week and Learning Log stars.

After learning morse code we tapped it on each others fingers. It was tricky!

We are starting to add two digit numbers

We have started making things to decorate our soldier

Learning how to play marbles. A game they would have played durin WW1.

Making trench cake, most of us wanted more...

Mrs Plant and Miss Coates have been busy already researching a local solider. His name is Charles Millhouse, he was only 23 when he dies in World War 1. So much information.

Are you ready to become a street detective? We are going to investigate our local area in the past and present. What do you like about living in Stretford? Who is L.S Lowry? What was World War 1?

School Awards