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Autumn 2

Freddy Fit Festive Fun!

This week we have been learning all about money! We can recognise all of the coins, and use them to make different amounts! 


Well done to Astrid, Layla and Lorenzo this week for all your hard work! 

We have been Polly Problemsolvers!

We have been working super hard this week looking at partitioning numbers into tens and ones! We used objects to help us see the number split up. 

Global Learning Day!


We enjoyed learning all about Madagascar! We made fruit kebabs and posters on why it is important that all children have their Rights respected!

We love spending time with Coco and Suzie!

Look who's been the best they can be!

We took part in Children in Need by making spotty biscuits!

Well done for all your hard work this week, especially to our Suzie Superlearners!


We had a visit from Jack the Annasaurus and Milly the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We also got the chance to be a Paleontologist, discovering dinosaur fossils in the sand and identifying them!

We had a visit from Doctor Dinosaur, who we interviewed! Then, we had a go at interviewing each other all about T-Rex's. 


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We have been looking at adding two numbers together in maths. We have been working so well in a team, just like Coco Collaborator! 

WOW! We went onto the playground to see how big a real life T-Rex was! 

IMG_0680 2.MOV

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We have been loving our new topic Dinosaur Planet in our continuous provision areas!

Well done to our Suzie Superlearners for all their hard work this week!

Dinosaur Planet

Were dinosaurs real or are they a myth? How do you know? 

If they were real, why are they not here anymore?

Do you know the names of these dinosaurs? Were they a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

School Awards