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Autumn 2

To top off the excitement of this week Mistletoe has arrived in our classroom-sent by Father Christmas himself.

He's a bit of a cheeky elf and has been up to all sorts of mischief!!!

We made Christmas tree decorations to decorate the tree in Moss Park and Mr Leaky, Alex's Daddy from Reception Oak, very kindly came in to help us, THANK YOU!

Friday was a very busy day as we had Freddy Fit in school! We worked together to make igloos and played lots of games too!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We had our Christmas dinner this week. which was yummy! We had lots of fun pulling crackers and singing along to Christmas songs!

Global Learning Day-Kenya

On Friday we had a lovely day learning all about the country of Kenya, with a link to Article 28-The Right to an Education. We found out where Kenya is, how to get there and what Kenyan children have to do. We made Kenyan necklaces from both pasta and shiny paper, coloured Kenyan flags in the colours red, green and black and labelled Kenyan animals.

In the afternoon we tried spicy African food, which we found tasty but some of us found it a bit too hot!

A massive THANK YOU to Mimi and her mummy who took the time to research Kenyan cake and bake one for us to try. It was delicious and just like a sweet bread!

Thank you to George W, George E, Suzie and Mimi for bringing Kenyan objects for us to share too.

Well done to our Child of the Week and our Super Learner!

Well done to our VIP Yousif for being chosen for the VIP table! WHO WILL BE THE VIP NEXT WEEK?

Global Learning Day


Dear Parents,

On Friday 1st December we will celebrating Global Learning Day and our class (Reception Elm) will be finding out all about the country of Kenya with a link to the Right to an Education (Article 28).

Children can wear colours of the Kenyan flag (black, red and green) on this day.

If you have any links to Kenya or objects/photos to share we would love you to get involved.

Also donations of Kenyan/African food on the day would be much appreciated.

Have a look here for ideas!

Thank you for your continued support.

Our Reception Nativity will be on Tuesday 12th December at 9.15am.                           Costumes and further information will follow next week.

We look forward to seeing you.

Well done to our VIP Saliha !

Well done to our Super Learner and Child of the Week

Children in Need day

We had a lovely day taking part in Pudsey bear activities like painting spotty Pudseys, making Pudsey masks, making spotty patterns and lots more! We all looked amazing and raised lots of money too.

Thank you for your donations.

Well done to our VIP this week, Olivia!

Well done to our Super Learner and Child of the Week, Adi and Khushi!

Does the moon ever go to sleep?

This half term we will be trying to answer this question!

We will be thinking about day and night and how they are different.

What makes day and night different?

What animals do you see in the night that you wouldn't see during the day?

Have a look at this clip and remember the animals for when you are back in school.

Congratulations to our Super Learner and Child of the Week!

Well done to our VIP!

Well done to our Super Learner and Child of the Week!

Well done to Qasim for being on the VIP table!!!

Reception Disco!!!!

We had a great time at the disco having fun dancing, singing and eating lots of party food!!


Our first PE day

We had our first PE lesson today with Sarah. We were very sensible and listened to instructions, we learnt lots of fantastic gymnastic skills.

We are learning all about day and night. Today we arrived to school in our pyjamas and our classroom was so dark with twinkly lights! We have had so much fun doing lots of different activities to help us learn about what happens at night. We are using book the 'Peace at Last' to help us explore day and night and we acted out the story. We even had bedtime stories and toast and hot chocolate for our supper!!

School Awards