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Autumn 2

Christmassy Fun!

Well haven't we been very busy over in Nursery! 

We have got children writing letters to Father Christmas, exploring the ice, a present wrapping station, a tree decorating station, children writing tags for presents, reading Christmas stories, doing Christmas jigsaws, small world play with the penguins and polar bears and to top it all off, put on an AMAZING concert for all of our grown-ups! What superstars! 

The video is now available to watch on the link from community-videos. Thank you all for coming! 

Nursery learnt all about how important it is to brush our teeth when the dentist came to visit. We should brush our teeth twice a day for two whole minutes. 

The dentist also told us how important it is to not drink anything other than water before bed and to make sure we do not use bottles and dummies!

Festive Fun with Freddy Fit!

Nursery had so much fun joining in with Freddy Fit! 

For our welly walk, we incorporated one of our phonics games! We had to close our eyes whilst the snowman was hidden and listen to whether the drum went loud or quiet to help us to determine where he was hiding!

We then all got a turn at making loud and quiet sounds on the drum.

Today we had a very exciting day in Nursery, it was time to go and post our letters to Father Christmas! 

The boys and girls did an AMAZING job at being safe spike, walking and listening beautifully and we had lots of fun!

A BIG thank you to all of the grown-ups that joined us today, we couldn't have gone without you- we hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did! 


What a super day we had in nursery we had today. We all worked together like coco collaborator to make our classroom look beautiful and festive!

What a super day we had for Global Learning Day!

We began the day by one of our mummies coming and teaching the children some Urdu!

We then began to learn all about our chosen country- France.

We learnt how to say hello and thank you, became an artist and made a picture of the Eiffel tower, painted a French flag, learnt some French numbers and had a croissant for our snack.

It was a very busy but exciting day!  

Who Stole the sun?!

For our first topic this half term, we will be learning all about light/dark, day/night. We will be looking at different light sources and investigating what happens when it is dark. 

 We will exploring the story of 'Whatever Next' and making our own props to support the telling of this story.

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for some shapes in the environment! We found circles, squares, rectangles and stars, all in a variety of different places. 

Nursery have been very creative during this topic. They made their own hedgehog out of clay and then painted them to take home, and they then used tissue paper and glue to make their own owls.

Today for our welly walk, we made our very own drum! Each child had their own stick and we had to explore different sounds we could find along our journey. We did lots of experimenting and heard a variety of loud and quiet sounds! 

All ready for photo day today!

Making a nest for Twiglet

In nursery we have been learning all about nocturnal animals. This week, Twiglet the hedgehog set us all a challenge. His home got ruined by the fox so we needed to build him a new one. We found out that hedgehogs live in a nest and set to work to make a nice warm new home for him!

Children in Need

On Thursday in Nursery we made our very own hedgehogs! We started by learning all about nocturnal animals and looking at where they live. We then used the clay and mould our own hedgehogs, before then adding the spikes. The children were so engrossed with this task and all did their own version of a hedgehog. We are excited to paint these next week! 

We then had a visit from Twiglet the Hedgehog who has set nursery a very important challenge for next week!

For our welly walk this week, we went on the hunt for some pictures. We had to find one picture each and then try and decide if it was a light source or not a light source. Nursery did amazing sorting and super coco collaborating! 

Nursery had lots of fun in gymnastics this week.

They even remembered some of the specialist words they got taught last week! 

Story Mapping

This week in nursery we did our first story map. 

The children did a super job at helping me to think of pictures to draw on our story map of 'Whatever Next' and then they were all very eager to have a try themselves! 

Thank you to all of the grown-ups who made it to our stay and play session today. We hope you had as much fun as we did! 

In preparation for our journey through our story today, Nursery started by making their own Jam sandwiches to take with us on the adventure! 

Once upon a time there was a baby bear who decided he wanted to go to the moon. 

"No, no, no, you can't go to the moon, you haven't got a rocket" said mummy bear.

Baby bear went on search for a rocket.

First he found a box!

Next he found a space helmet. 

After that, he put on some space boots and got his teddy.


First, they bumped into an owl. 

"Would you like to come with us to the moon?" asked baby bear

"Yes please" said the owl. 

Away they flew. 

Next, they had a picnic on the moon! 

After that, baby bear got stuck in a storm!

Finally, Baby bear arrived home safely and had a nice warm bath before falling fast asleep. 

'Whatever next?!' said mummy bear

The End

What shapes can we draw when making a picture of a rocket?

Today we looked and identified a range of different shapes. We then use different shapes to draw some AMAZING rockets! 

Welly Walk Wednesday

This week for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for our shadows. The children took it in turns to draw around their friends shadows. We then made our shadows make some funny dance moves. 


Can you make a rocket?

The children in nursery used a variety of different shapes on the light box to make their own rocket. We talked about the different shapes we were using and they looked so pretty with the light shining through the colours. 

Firework Pictures!

Nursery learnt all about bonfire night and we spoke about how important it is to be safe spike. The children watched a video, listening and looking at different fireworks and how they light up the sky. 

Nursery had a great time using the tape, scissors and paint to make their very own rocket to take them to space!

We are very excited for this journey! 

Physical Fun!

Today when the big children went inside, nursery took over their playground! We had lots of fun doing races, playing catch and climbing on the climbing frame.

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk we went on the hunt for our names. We had a really good try, with a little help, at looking for the right one. We did a super job at this! 

Whatever Next!

This week nursery were very excited to get stuck into our next topic. We read the story of 'Whatever Next' and are now learning to re-tell this with the use of pictures, objects and actions! This supports our Talk for Writing scheme (T4W) 

Today we had our very first gymnastics lesson and we LOVED it! 

Nursery got to stretch our bodies, move around on different levels in a variety of different ways and we even learnt and held some different positions. 

Thank you Sarah, we can't wait until next week's lesson!  

School Awards