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Autumn 1 Pirates

Well done Silza and Isaac for being fantastic super learners this week

Well done to our VIP Ciara!

Fabulous Diwali dancing

So much thinking today. Will the orange float or sink? What if we peel it, will it sink or float? Lots of I wonder why moments!

An amazing science lesson today, first we made a boat, then we had a race! Which boat will win?

Well done to our two superstars this week. Mrs Losada is very proud of you

Making delicious pirate biscuits during our pirate day

Pirate day was such fun! We had a treasure hunt around Stretford!

We were historians this week and found out lots of different facts about the female pirate Anne Bonny

Have a go at practising our pirate songs with Miss Godfrey.

Still image for this video

Try joining in with Miss Godfrey and practise your songs.

Still image for this video

Can we make a vessel that floats using things from home?

We were scientists this afternoon. We had great fun making a boat out of play dough. They did not float, we thought about why, perhaps they were too heavy? We are going to bring in junk from home to see if we can make a vessel that will float.

Well done Ama Shaniya for being a great Polly Problem Solver in Maths!

Well done Safa, you're really working hard with your writing

Well done Aaron, I had a great time on the VIP table with you!

Miss Godfrey taught us some pirate shanty songs this week

To celebrate Italian Day we worked together just like Coco Collaborator to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Well done K'Ayub a super structure. Lots of perseverence too!

In science we tested materials. Can you squash, twist, stretch or bend the material?

Well done Millie for being or VIP this week

Well done K'ayub, we are so pleased with your hard work in class!

Well done Eesa for being a great coco collaborator in Maths!

We loved freeze framing scenes from our story this week

In week 2 of gymnastics we are improving!

Fun with Greater than and Less than

So busy this afternoon naming all the materials in the playground.

We took part in the daily mile this week!

Well done Kardell, our VIP this week!

Well done Thomas, our super learner of the week

our first Ocarina lesson was great fun!

Well done to our first VIP, Darcy

Partitioning numbers in different ways

This week we have been investigating all the different ways you can partition 2 digit numbers.

Have a look at the diagram below to see:

We love our new outdoor story area

During Golden Time, we took our treasure box outside to dress up and act like pirates. We had a great time telling stories and role playing the real life of a pirate. 

Representing 2digit numbers

It's really important before we start any maths that teaching that the children have a secure understanding of place value. This week we have been using a range of mathematical equipment to make 2 digit numbers, this will really help the children have a visual image of what that number looks like and is worth, rather than being abstract. We have used:

  • Base 10
  • Numicon
  • 10ps and 1ps
  • Tens and Ones counters
  • Multilink cubes 
  • Straws

Shapes in Gymnastics

We are very lucky to have the coaches from the Olympian gymnast, Beth Tweddle, teach us gymnastics this half term. This week we perfected our shapes.

Our First Week in Year 2 

Wow what a great start to Year 2. Mrs Losada is so pleased she has a class of superstars who are always going for gold. 

What Would You Like To Find Out About Pirates?

We Recieved A Message From A Pirate That Needs Our Help!oooh arrr

Still image for this video

Building Our Self Confidence and Learning That It's Great To Make Mistakes

Should pirates be allowed to live on land?

Can you find out if Pirates can live on land or do they need to live on water to survive?

School Awards