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Autumn 1


I wonder what will be learning about next in nursery?! 


Today we had a super time in nursery celebrating Diwali.

See 'Video's' page for a video of our dancing! 

Two little visitors!

For this weeks welly walk, we went on an adventure! We had to go on the hunt for the treasure which the Autumn fairies had lost! They set us different challenges which we encountered on our journey, involving a range of prepositions- under, over, through.

We worked hard following the treasure map and completing the challenges which led us to where the treasure was hidden! 

Scissor skills!

Today we worked really hard on our cutting skills. Each of us used the scissors to make our own leaf. We all concentrated well and spoke about safety as we did this. 

What a super Autumn walk we had today! 

We listened to the noise that the leaves made as we walked through them. We then pretended to be trees, picking up leaves and watching them fall around us. After that, we had to find one big and one small leaf.

What is Autumn?

This week we have started to learn all about Autumn. 

We had a look at what we had all collected over the weekend, and talked about what Autumn is. We then looked at all of the patterns and colours of leaves, sorted them, made our own trees and made Autumn animals in the play-dough! 

All About Me

For our first topic, we will be learning all about ourselves and our friends. We will spend the first half term building relationships and getting familiar with our nursery routines and environment.

We will be talking about our families, homes, interests as well as looking at our physical qualities such as hair colour, eye colour, height.

Who is in your family?

This week we have been talking about the different members of our family. We have used a variety of materials to represent each of those family members. 

They looked amazing! 

Today for our Welly Walk, we all put on our wellies and went out on our adventure!

The children each had their own chalk, and using their motor movements, they each made an image of their family! This supports our Topic of 'All About Me'. Each child gave meaning to the marks they made, telling me the names of everybody in their family! 

We then went back to nursery where some of us used a variety of materials and make our face. What a super busy day! 

All About Me

We have been learning all about ourselves at nursery. We used the mirror to look at our hair and eye colour, and other features on our face. We then recreated ourselves- we all made a beautiful portrait! 

Charlie's first adventure!

Today Charlie has gone on his first adventure- we hope he has lots of fun!

For our welly walk this week, we went on a listening walk. We took the instruments and made a variety of different sounds as we walked around. We also sang some nursery rhymes using the instruments and put on our super listening ears to see what we could hear. We heard a lawnmower and a car! We then headed back to nursery, having to walk along the grid, we did super balancing!

The Daily Mile

Nursery joined the whole school in taking part in 'The Daily Mile'. We spoke about being healthy and how we can keep ourselves healthy every day. 

What a super first week we have had in nursery. We have explored all of our indoor and outdoor environment and spent lots of time getting to now some new friends. We even all had a super go and drawing a picture of ourselves as we get into our topic 'All About Me'

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our first welly walk, Charlie the Bear had gone missing!! We did a super job at putting on our wellies, and listening to Miss Curbishley. We talked about staying together, and following instructions. We put on our 'glasses' and looked high and low. After looking all around the playground, we found Charlie hiding in the tree! 

Good job boys and girls! 


What a super first day at nursery we all had today. The children had lots of fun getting to explore the environment and meet lots of new friends! We sat down and did the register first, then went and had a tour of our new toilets, talking about the importance of washing our hands afterwards! The children explored inside and outside, as well as taking part in snack time and story time. Miss Curbishley and Mrs Higgins were VERY impressed with our first challenge that we set you all- the bags were amazing!! We all showed each other what was inside our bag and how beautifully they were all decorated. The standards have been set by all of you and I am very excited about what the rest of this year will bring for us (no pressure grown-ups!).  

School Awards