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Autumn 1

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

We love maths

Look at the photos, which is greater than? Which is fewer? Which is more? which is less?  What does equal to mean? How could you show this?

Look at all the ways we made 5 

Can you find lots of different ways to make 5 at home? what can you use? How could you write these down using number sentences?

Divali Day

Making Diva Lamps, eating sweet treats, listening to and writing about the traditional tale of Rama and Sita, drawing the 10 Headed Demon 'Ravana',  to some fun Bollywood dancing -we have been busy. All in a day's work!

Animal Magic 

getting busy creating our unusual pets

Well done for your achievements

A kiss Like This

Use the story map to show your grown up's our story.  Everyone knows it really well so I know you can do it. How does it start? 'Once upon a time a little cub was born. His Big Golden Daddy just could not stop kissing him.  What's next?

In maths we have been using 2 sets of objects to make 5, 6 and 7 ... Which ways can you spot? Which numbers have we made?

Tabby Mctat with Emma

today we read the story of Tabby Mctat and made our own cat puppets, we used them to help retell the story.  Thank you Emma we loved doing this today...

Who has been the best that they can


We have been singing this song in Year 1 to help us practise counting backwards! 

Counting Backwards from 30

Practical maths one more and one less

Who has been the best they

can be this week?

Homework this week 22.09.17

You can get as creative as you like using collage, photos, drawings and or paint to create your animal habitats. I look forward to seeing your design.

Well done children for being the best that you can be this week

Maths this week..

1 more than, 1 less than, counting back, understanding how many are in a number 

This week's homework:     s   a   t   p   i   n   

 how many different words can you make? cut the letters up that you were given work with your grown up use the a or the i in the middle then add the other sounds either side. Which words have you made? Copy and write them into your homework log.  Do you know the NAME of each letter and the SOUND it makes?

 _  a  _

 _  i  _

Good luck I can't wait to see how many words you make.


Well done children for being just like Suzie Superlearner.  

Puppy Paintings

We used the white and black to create shades of brown, we looked at the colours and the shapes of that we would need to paint.


Pet Day

We all worked at the tables on our own just like Indie Independent!

Erin wrote a list of things she needed to build a den

We love our new indoor 

& outdoor classroom

We enjoyed some quiet time sharing and reading books


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our first day in Year 1

Which paws, claws and whiskers 

do these all belong to?

Can you guess?

School Awards