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Autumn 1

Teddy Bear Picnic



Today during golden time we had a teddy bear picnic!  This was a whole class treat for filling up our warm fuzzy jar.  For the parents who do not know, our warm fuzzy jar is a whole class reward system.  Every time we do something fantastic as a whole class, we put a warm fuzzy in the jar.  If we fill the jar before the end of every half term then we get a treat.  We can't get a warm fuzzy in the jar if even one person makes the wrong choice, it has to be everyone, we are a team!  Congratulations to all the children in 2W for filling our jar.  Both the children and the teddy bears had such a great time yesterday at the picnic, we even had a little dance afterwards.  What a lovely way to end our first half term together.  Well done 2W!!

Guinea Pig Fun



Today some of the children from 2W got to have some lovely cuddles with Suzie and Coco our school guinea pigs.  Suzie was feeling a bit shy so the children stroked her whilst she was in her bed but Coco really enjoyed her cuddles with all of the children :).

Maths - 2D and 3D Shape


17.10.16 - 21.10.16

Wow!  What a busy week we have had in maths this week.  We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes.  At the beginning of the week we studied 2D shapes and their properties.  These were sides and vertices (corners).  We made our own 2D shapes using matchsticks.  Later in the week we studied 3D shapes and their properties.  They were faces, vertices and edges.  We carried out lots of activities including shape pairs, a real life 3D shape sort and making our own 3D shapes.  Below are lots of photos of all the fantastic work we have done this week!! :)

Character Description - Grandma


11.10.16 - 13.10.16

This week in English we have been looking at the character of Grandma from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  We collaborated in groups to come up with interesting adjectives and similes to describe her.  Each day we thought about a different aspect of Grandma.  We wrote adjectives and similes about what she looks like, smells like, sounds like and her personality.  By the end of the week we had a bank of fantastic adjectives and similes!  These will help us next week to write our character descriptions of Grandma.

Our George's Marvellous Medicine Sculptures



This week we have made our own AMAZING sculptures inspired by 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  We worked with clay to make sculptures of George, Grandma, the animals on the farm, medicine bottles, saucepans, ingredients and much more.  We loved working with clay and of course, we got very messy as part of our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic.

Powerpoint Presentations



Today we went into the computer rooms to create our own Powerpoint Presentations.  We worked in pairs to create slides, insert pictures and text all about our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic this half term.  Over the next two weeks we will be continuing to add to them to make them even more interesting.

Hot Seating



In English we have been hot seating.  This is when you act in the role of a character or person.  Today we have been hot seating as Grandma from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  We had to answer our partner’s questions as if we were her.  We really tried hard to get in to the character of Grandma and had lots of fun.  After working with our partners and taking it in turns to be Grandma, some children also acted as Grandma in front of the whole class to answer questions!

Pizza Making



Today in topic we have made mini pizzas!  We carefully followed the instructions that we wrote in English on 'How to make a pizza' and then wrapped them up to cook at home, yum!!

Coco Collaborating!



Today in English we worked as a team to describe George from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  We wrote adjectives and similes to describe how George looks, sounds, what we would imagine him to smell like and what he is like as a person.  We had to collaborate together by taking turns, sharing ideas and working as a team.  Here is our fantastic work!  DON'T FORGET TO LOOK AT OUR AMAZING T4W VIDEO ON THE COMMUNITY BUBBLE (VIDEOS).  IT IS A VIDEO OF OUR ORAL REHEARSAL OF GEORGE'S CHARACTER DESCRIPTION.

A Special Visitor!



In our English lesson today, Year 2 had a very special visitor!  George from George's Marvellous Medicine came in to answer some of our questions.  We asked him lots of questions we had about his Grandma, his medicine and other things we wanted to know about the story.  We asked lots of fantastic questions and he gave us some wonderful answers.  He even let us have a smell of his medicine!

Our Bubbly Science Investigation



Today we carried out a science investigation as part of our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic.  We tested five different soap products to see which one made the best bubbles.  Before the investigation we made predictions about which one we thought would be the best then carried out a fair test to see which one was the best!

English - Riddles


Week beg 26.09.16

This week in English we have been looking at riddles.  We have been reading riddles, solving them, thinking of their features, writing them in groups and independently.  We have had so much fun solving some super riddles and writing some of our own!

Henri Matisse


This week in Topic we have been looking at the artist Henri Matisse.  We have been learning about his style of art.  He used bright colours and cuts out shapes to make montages.  We made our own montages in the style of Henri Matisse’s most famous picture ‘The Snail’.



This week in Topic we have been looking at the artist Arcimboldo.  We have been learning about his style of art.  He uses fruit to make faces.  We worked in groups and used real fruit to make our own fruit faces in the style of Arcimboldo.

Food from around the world


Today as part of our topic work, 2W tasted and smelt food from around the world.  We tasted and smelt fruit from five of the seven continents.  Bananas from South America, kiwi fruit from Australasia, rice from Asia, pineapple from Africa and we smelt chorizo from Europe.  We also talked about where different foods are come from, how they are grown as well as what foods are healthy and unhealthy.

Fruit Kebabs!



Today in 2W we all made fruit kebabs as part of our Talk for Writing cycle.  We all took it in turns to chop, peel and skewer all the pieces of fruit.  We were very careful and talked through instructions as we made them.  Next week we will be writing a set of instructions on how to make a fruit kebab :) 

Eid Al Adha Celebrations



This afternoon we all celebrated Eid in the classroom.  We had an assembly with Mrs Plant this morning and talked about the festival of Eid Al Adha. Then after last playtime we tasted food that our Muslim children had brought in to share with us. Look at our Muslim children dressed in their new Eid clothes. We had a lovely time and would like to thank all those parents and relatives who sent in food.

Muck, Mess and Mixtures!



On Tuesday, 2W took part in a messy mixtures afternoon!  We moved around a carousel of mucky and messy activities in groups.  We got messy with jelly, shaving foam, rice, lentils, play dough, soil and baked beans.  It was such a wonderful opening to our brand new topic and we all had lots of fun!



Over the next few weeks in English we are going to be looking at instructions.  This week we started our Talk for Writing cycle with instructions on how to make a pizza.  We have been practising these instructions using an 'instruction map' of pictures and by adding actions to help us remember the order.  We have been practising as a whole class, in groups and in pairs.  Here is a picture of our 'instruction map' and a copy of the instructions for you to practise at home.



Hello everyone!


Our brand new topic for this half term in Year 2 is Muck, Mess and Mixtures!  We are going to be exploring with lots of different mucky materials and getting very messy whilst we are investigating how they work.  Attached is the topic overview to have a look at and see what we will be up to over the next 7 weeks. :)


Miss Woodnett :)



School Awards