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Autumn 1

Our Wonderful World




In Autumn 1 we will be diving into the topic 'Our Wonderful World!' A brilliant topic for children to learn about themselves and their new friends as we focus on settling in to a new school and making relationships.


During this topic we will explore the children's own immediate world before extending the learning to the world and environment around us. 


We will celebrate our similarities and our differences and how special and unique we all are. The children will have the opportunity to share their 'All about me' bags and introduce themselves to their new teachers and friends. We will talk about family and community.


We will introduce the children to the 'Super Learners' and the

expectations in school. 


We will be looking at the book 'I like myself' by Karen Beaumont and the songs 'It's Good to be me' and

'What a Wonderful World'.



You can view our Autumn planning here!

What A Wonderful World !

Good to be ME!

This week in Reception we have had great fun beginning phase 2 phonics.

We are also continuing to practice our phase 1 phonics (orally blending and segmenting) and you can use some of the activities sent home with your reading record to practice this. 

We have looked at the letters and sounds 's' 'a' 't' and the tricky words 'I' 'go' 'to 'the' - below are some videos to support this learning at home!

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /t/ sound


Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

School Awards