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Autumn 1

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This week the children have been finding out and learning the number bonds of 5 and of 10.  

I know some of you parents asked, what is a number bond? I was so happy to hear the children explain it to you.. but for those who still aren't sure.. 

A number bond is a pair of number that add up to make another number.  So the number bonds of 5 are;

0  +  5  =  5 

1  +  4  =  5    

2  +  3  =  5    

3  +  2  =  5    

4  +  1  =  5

5  +  0  =  5      

Number bonds enable your child to make a mental picture of the relationship between 2 numbers.   We want them to see the relationship between the addition and subtraction e.g 

4  +  1   = 5

1  +  4  =  5

5  -   1  =  4

5  -   4  =  1

Hijaab used the cubes to work out all the pairs of numbers that make 5

she then wrote the number sentences all by herself.

Our Guided reading carousel


Still image for this video

In our topic work the children have been researching on the internet and reading non-fiction books to find out where certain animals come from in the world.

Alexander and Uhbaan tell us a little about what they found out. 


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This week in our Talk for Writing, we are writing a non fiction text about Sloths. We are remembering to use a title, bullet points, capital letters, spaces between words and full stops correctly.   

In maths we are subtracting (taking away/minus) groups of objects  and writing the number sentence to go with it. 





We had some furry friends come to visit on Friday!

We compared the two dogs. They were very different.  We learned all about how to look after them and what they need to survive.  We thought of some really good questions to ask the owners. 

We have had great fun designing and making our unusual pets !

Here is Nicole's design and model pet. She called it a Snatasnac as her pet was a mixture of a snake and a cat!                            

                                                                  Look at some of the other unusual pets we made....


Paws, claws and whiskers.

Can you leap like a frog? What can worms sense? How do you care for a cat? where do Bengal tigers come from? Why do dogs wag their tails? Can an elephant swim? Who belongs to the reptile family? Can you find where African elephants come from on a globe?  


Can you identify which animal these paws belong to?

Can you identify whose claws these belong to?

Can you identify whose whiskers these belong to?

Look what we got up to in our first week in Year 1.....

In our Talk for Writing cycle we always start with a Cold Write.  This is where the children have a go at writing, in this case, their own story with out any help or input from the teacher.  This allows the teacher to know what the children need to learn to help improve their writing. The cycle lasts 3 weeks at the end of the cycle they will write their own story again to show how their writing has improved.  

School Awards