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Autumn 1


It was so lovely to have so many grandparents join us for our Grandparents Afternoon. The children had lots of fun teaching you our story and song- we hope you had just as much fun as we did! 

A big well done to this weeks Superstars!

Our V.I.P this week!

This week's super stars!

A big well done to this weeks Superstars! 

What a lovely Autumn walk we had today! 

We all put our coats on, each got our own bag and off we went! First, we went into our exciting garden.

Next, we went to the 'noisy' nursery.

After that, we visited the huge playground.

Finally we returned back to our amazing classroom to explore our Autumn treasure! 

This afternoon the children took part in some well-being time to acknowledge National Mental Health day. The children did some relaxation games and some yoga to relax themselves. 

Guess how much I love you?

For our very first topic we will be getting to know all about ourselves and each other. We will be reading some lovely stories, using mirrors to look at detailed features on our faces and talking about people who are special in our families. 

What fabulous maths learning we have done this week! Can you match the correct number of beads to the number?!


A big well done to our V.I.P this week!

Child of the week and Super Learner of the week!

A big well done to our superstars this week! 


A big well done to our V.I.P for today! 

Child of the week and Super Learner of the week!

A big well done to our superstars this week!

This week Reception have been very busy! They have all drawn their own story map based on the story 'So much' and counted set amount of objects to match a total number.

The children are showing lots of enthusiasm for learning and this is shining through their independent play!  

What an amazing couple of weeks we have had in Reception Elm. We have all been so busy getting stuck in with lots of learning! 

So Much!

This week the children in Reception have been re-telling the story 'So much'. We read the story on Monday using our class story map and have added actions to help us to remember! We then worked together to put the story in order, taking on our own character! 


What a super session we had today. The children took part in Locomotion which involves moving around in different ways. The children played a range of games involving moving at different speeds as they went through the car gears, whilst balancing a bean-bag on their heads! 

Today all of the boys and girls were AMAZING! They all had lots of fun in their new Reception class, meeting new friends and exploring their new learning environment. We can't wait to see what the rest of the year has to bring! 

School Awards