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Autumn 1

Today for our Welly Walk we all had some tracing paper and an oil pastel to take with us. The children found different materials and textures to make marks over, and we then used some descriptive words to talk about what patterns we could see. 

Colour mixing!

The children learnt all about colour mixing this week! They made a beautiful Autumn picture, using Autumn colours. The children painted one had red, one hand yellow, mixed their hands together and made orange! They used these hand prints as the leaves on their trees. 

Charlie is off for his second adventure!

This week we have been learning the sound 's' in our phonics. Some of the children brought in objects beginning with 's' for our sound table, which we shared with our friends. We wrote the 's' with the ribbons, on the interactive whiteboard, on the whiteboards, on our friends backs, with our magic fingers in the air and then today with the chalk on the pavement. What a super job!


Today we watched a video all about Autumn. We watched as the leaves changed colour and blew from the trees. The children then all picked a leaf and we acted out the process of Autumn, blowing in the wind and the leaves falling. We then made different shapes, animals and objects whilst exploring the leaves, conkers and pine cones. Following from this, the children then went into the mud kitchen and made all sorts of delicious treats using the ingredients they could find which had fallen! 

Talk for Writing!

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Still image for this video


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In nursery we love telling and hearing stories! This is very important and will help enable us to become amazing storytellers and writers!! Here are some of the children beginning to tell super stories about Charlie the Bear and then drawing some pictures of him!

Today on our welly walk we went on the hunt for different leaves! The children all found one leaf each which we took back to the benches. We looked at all of the beautiful colours and sorted them into whether they were red, yellow, green, brown or orange. The children later did this independently. They did a super job!


Today we have started to learn all about Autumn. The boys and girls brought in some leaves, conkers, acorns and pine cones which they had collected at the weekend, to share with their friends. We looked at the different shapes, sizes and colours, talked about the process of them falling from the trees and then made our own Autumn pictures! 

Charlie goes on his first adventure!

Charlie is very excited about going on his very first adventure this weekend! We can't wait to hear all about it on Monday! 
Following from our welly walk, the boys and girls had a go at naming and drawing some of the shapes which they had remembered! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

Today on our welly walk, it was so windy that all of Miss Curbishley's shapes had blown out of the window! We had to go on a hunt to find one shape each to bring back to our nursery. The boys and girls did a super job at collecting a shape, having a go at identifying them and then we used our bodies to make the different shapes. What a great job!

All about me!

Nursery have been very busy these past couple of weeks, getting to know all of our new friends. As part of this settling process, we have been finding out all about ourselves and sharing this with our friends! We have made our own shoe boxes with our favourite things from home, brought in pictures of our family, measured our height to see how tall we are and drawn/painted pictures of ourselves looking very closely at the colours we needed using the mirror! 

Wednesday Welly Walk!

Today on our welly walk, the boys and girls chose a musical instrument, put on their wellies and off we went. We listened to different sounds that we could hear- cars, trucks, aeroplanes and then made a variety of different sounds ourselves. We made loud noises, quiet noises and did some beautiful singing! We then heard a banging sound. We had to try and guess where it was coming from. It was Miss Taylor with the drum, hidden behind her back! Another super welly walk!  

Circle Time

Following the weekend, the children sat in a circle and passed around the microphone. The children told all of their friends what they had done at the weekend with their families. 

Write dance!

The boys and girls enjoyed taking part in write dance. They each had a ribbon which we moved in a variety of different ways. This will help to develop the strength in our wrists and fingers to enable us to become amazing writers! 
What a super first week we have had!! The boys and girls did an amazing job settling with us this week. They explored all of the resources in our environment and made lots of new friends! We can't wait for our second week!

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today we went on our first Welly Walk! The boys and girls who brought their wellies had a really good try at putting them on. We then talked about how important it was to listen to Miss Curbishley and then off we went! We collected some sticks to take back with us and then realised Charlie the bear had escaped! We put on our looking eyes and went to see where he was hiding! The boys and girls did a super job at finding Charlie- hiding in a tree! Well done everybody! 
Today was our first day at nursery. We all did a super job coming in and finding something to play with. After the register, we all looked inside our boxes and Miss Curbishley showed all of the boys and girls the toilets and how to wash our hands. We then had a play inside, before tidying up and going outside. After being outside and having so much fun, we came inside for a snack and story before all of the mummies and daddies came to get us. What a super first day! 

School Awards