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Importance of good attendance


We like to promote good attendance at Moss Park Infant School, as it is important for our children to attend school regularly, which results in them being successful.

Request for leave


The decision to authorise absence is entirely at the Acting Deputy Headteacher’s discretion based on their assessment of the situation.  It is acceptable to take a child’s previous record of attendance into account when making decisions.


Our school policy, is based on the changes to the Education Act in September 2013, that absences will not be granted during term time and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional means rare, significant, short and unavoidable. 

Term time is for learning.  Children have 175 days off school, every year, for holidays and family events.  At Moss Park Infant School we are aware that, occasionally, exceptional circumstances arise and parents and carers should be aware of the following guidance to Headteachers:


Absence during term time for a holiday is not considered an exceptional circumstance.


Absence for a bereavement of a family member (excluding a parent, in which case our first thoughts will be for the wellbeing of the child and their family) is usually considered an exceptional circumstance but for the funeral service only, not extended leave. 


Absence for important, recognised religious observances can be taken into account but only for the ceremony and some travelling time – usually no more than 2 days, not extended leave.


The needs of families of Service personnel will be taken into account.


It is important to note that Headteachers can determine the length of the authorised absence as well as whether or not the absence is authorised at all. The Acting Dutyhead’s decision is final.


In this school, where parents take extended unauthorised leave, beyond the authorised absence period, or book a holiday in term time without the Headteacher’s authorisation, a fine will be applied.   Presently this is £60 per child, per parent.


A fine will also be applied if a child does not return from an authorised absence on the agreed date. In some cases, the child’s name can be removed from the school roll.

School Awards