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2 Willow - Miss Caines

Your child is safer at home, please allow only critical workers the emergency school places: doctors, nurses, emergency services. If you have someone to look after your children at home, please do so. If our school reaches the maximum 20% children will be sent to other local schools. Let us prioritise two-key worker families/single parents that are saving lives
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Miss Caines and Miss Lawton miss you loads already and hope you are staying safe. However, we are going to try and make learning at home as fun as possible. I will upload daily activities for you all to do on this page and will give your grown ups a call each week to see how you are. 


                                                             Stay safe xx

Friday 27th March


Good morning everyone and happy Friday !! Lets start our day again with P.E with Joe Wicks, the last one of the week. We would normally have assembly where some children would get a certificate for being a super learner. Why not pick a piece of work or anything you have done this week that you are proud of and tell your grown up why it has made you proud. 



Today, finish your non-chronological report about your chosen bird. Don't forget to check your success criteria. When you have finished, maybe you could illustrate your report with images of your chosen bird. 



Try and read daily for 20 minutes either with a grown up or independently. Why not, if you have siblings read with them taking it in turns to help each other. The Book trust have loads of amazing books you can read online and story time videos you can watch. 



We have done lots of arithmetic practice this week so for today's maths, pick from the challenge cards and answer them in your workbook. We haven't learnt time in class yet but you are all super mathematicians and I think with your grown ups help you could have a go!!

Maths challenge cards



We would usually have our art session in the Artelier this afternoon with our art teacher working on our observational drawings. So, why not pick something at home and do an observational drawing? This could be one of your toys, a pet or even your grown up!! Remember to take your time, draw to scale and keep looking at what you are drawing. 

Golden time 


We love to colour in year 2 Willow during our golden time, we find it so relaxing especially when we put mindful music on in the background. If you don't want to colour or do a word search, remember this is your time to choose whatever you enjoy doing, this could be building, maths or even quiet reading. Enjoy whatever you chose heart

Thursday 26th March


Morning 2 Willow smiley Today we would normally have P.E first thing so lets again take part in Joe Wick's P.E session but also why don't we do a 5 a day challenge! Click on the link below to take part. My favourite one is the Big Jubilee, give it a try.  



Now that you have made an amazing plan about your chosen bird for your non-chronological report. You can start to write your report. Remember to re-read and take your time. I am looking forward to reading all the incredible facts you have found! Before you start, have a look at the checklist below and use this to remind yourselves of what you need to include. 



For topic today, have a look at these amazing animals made from things found outside and in the garden. Have a go at creating your own animal from things you find. If you are not able to get outside, why not use recyclable things you find around the house instead? 


Topic  1
Topic  2



For today's maths, have a go at some fractions word problems. Read the question carefully with your grown up before you workout your answer. Pick and try at least 2 of the problems. Why not at snack time see what fractions you can cut your fruit up into? I like my oranges in quarters. 



Try and read everyday for at least 20 minutes, this could be a magazine a comic book even a joke book! Literacy shed have lots short films and reading activities you can do also once you have read. 

Wednesday 25th March


I hope you all had a lovely sleep. Let's start the day with PE with Joe Wicks.



If you managed to do your research on a bird of your choice yesterday, then now it's time to plan your non-chronological report on the below planning sheet or in your workbooks. Don't forget fantastic sentence openers and conjunctions (I've put some photos up from word banks we made in class to help you).



Picture 1
Picture 2


Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day (in the garden if it's sunny:)). Below are the types of questions you can ask while reading with your child to check their understanding and comprehension. If you spot that your child is struggling with a specific type of question e.g. making predictions, then please focus on this area.

David Walliams is also reading from his books live every day at 11am for 30 mins -


I've put some money problems on today, but if you wanted to turn it into a practical lesson with their money instead this would be great too.

e.g. Suzi spent 25p on a ruler and 35p on a pen. How much did she spend in total? 

Oliver bought a yoyo for 50p and paid with a £1 coin. How much change did the shopkeeper give him? etc.

Followed by a game of monopoly perhaps :)


On a Wednesday we usually do yoga, so today you could try some cosmic yoga.


On spelling shed we have set an assignment for you to practice our year 2 common exception words.

Please use these games to practice our suffixes of the week -ful and -less. There are 5 different games to play on the right hand side (plus printables too if you wanted extra practice)

Science and Art

Now it's time to learn about a frog's life cycle, you can use the video and powerpoint below to help. You can use the sheet or your workbook to draw the frogs life cycle and tell me about it.

Then you can do some fun frog art :)

Tuesday 24th March. 


I hope you have all slept well and are excited about today's learning. Lets start the day at 9am with  P.E with Joe Wicks. Follow the link or search his youtube/blog Joe Wicks the body coach.



Today's maths is arithmetic practice and a recap of all our shape work. Remember to use our maths methods to help you and don't forget to show your working out and check your answers. 


Maths methods

Maths methods  1
Maths methods  2
Maths methods  3
Maths methods  4
Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. Below are the types of questions you can ask while reading with your child to check their understanding and comprehension. If you spot that your child is struggling with a specific type of question e.g. making predictions, then please focus on this area.



Practice our talk for writing Puffin non-chronological report each day with actions. Then you can pick your own bird to research (there is a list of videos below to help get you started). Write all the interesting facts you can find in your workbook so they can help you write your own non-chronological report later in the week. You can do this as a mind map or as bullet points. 

Puffin story map

Puffin story map 1
Puffin story map 2

Non-chronological report



On spelling shed we have set you an assignment where you can practice your common exception words. Please find your login details below. 

Spelling shed logins



If the weather is sunny, you can go outside and do a mini beast hunt. Tally all the different beast you find either using the sheet below or in your workbook. What's the most common and what is the least common mini beast you have found?

Mini beast hunt

If not why not make a beautiful rainbow for your window? You can even use all of the recyclable things around your home and make a collage of colours!!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Curriculum meeting Powerpoint

Welcome to Year 2 Willow class page

I am very excited to be working with both your child and you this year. This page is a wonderful place to find ALL the information you need for the year ahead.  I will regularly update it with pictures of your child's learning in school. If there is anything that I can help you with please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Caines and Miss Lawton


Every day routines

School starts at 8.50am prompt, this is a time for parents to come into school and settle their child into their learning.  We call this S.O.D.A time (start of the day activity)

School finishes at 3.30pm prompt.  Please be on time to pick up your child, if you are delayed or someone else is collecting your child please contact the school office. 



Your child has a colour levelled reading book that they will change in school with an adult. If your child has read their book and needs a new one, please put it into the box by the door at the start of the day along with their reading record. We have very high expectations of parents and expect that your child reads at least 4 times a week and changes their book regularly.  Please remember to sign their reading record.

Reading at home and in school is so important.  In the words of Dr Seuss, You can find magic whenever you look.. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!


Please can your child bring their book bag to school every day.



Homework will be sent out every Friday, please return the homework by the Wednesday so that it can be marked. Each week there will be a Homework Star of the Week presented in our Friday Celebration Assembly.



Year 2 will have Physical education on Monday and Thursday (all year).  Please bring their PE kit into school and leave it in school for at least each half term (they really don't get too dirty)


Awards Assembly

We have an awards assembly each Friday for approx. half an hour.  In this assembly there will be 2 certificates awarded in each class.  You will receive a text by Wednesday if your child is going to receive a certificate inviting you to come along and celebrate.


School Awards