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2 Birch - Mr Carver

W e l c o m e   t o   Y e a r   2 !


We are so excited to welcome you all to Year 2, we can't wait to see your smiling faces ready for a fantastic year filled with learning and fun. We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and we are so looking forward to hearing all about it.


Our Year 2 journey is just beginning and soon this webpage will be filled with lots of videos and photos of the amazing learning opportunities and exciting experiences that you will all be part of this year. This means that you and your grown-ups will be able to click on every week and see your learning opportunities, exciting things you achieve each week and of course see all your smiling faces! 


We can't wait to begin what we know will be an amazing year which will once again be filled with endless opportunities!


See you soon,

smiley Mr Carver and Miss Caines smiley

Year 2 SAT's meeting - 9th March 2022 - Information and Resources

Autumn Curriculum Meeting

Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2021 - 2022

Everyday Routines 


School starts at 8:50 - 9:00


Children to be dropped off at the Year 2 door in the main playground.


Although Covid restrictions have eased our priority is still to protect both staff and students and unfortunately this still means that we are unable to invite grown-ups in for SODA (Start Of the Day Activity) and goodbyes will have to take place at the door. We hope that although disappointing you can understand the importance of putting safety first and hopefully in the near future we can re-assess this.


End of the day: Doors open 3.20 - 3.30


Children to be collected promptly at the Year 1 door in the main playground. 

Children will remain in the classroom until called by a member of staff when a grown-up has arrived to collect.

If you are running late or someone new/different is collecting your child please let a member of staff know ASAP this ensures that home time runs smoothly and safely.


Talking to us!

The relationship between school and home is so important to us and we know that communication is key!

We want all grown-ups to feel comfortable reaching out and sharing any questions or concerns you may have with your child's teacher but it's important this is done at the appropriate times so that they can be answered fully and it doesn't impact learning time or children's safety.


If you just need a quick word then the end of the day is okay, however, as I'm sure you understand the end of the day is really busy and it's important that whoever is on the door is able to focus on getting the children to their grown-ups safely so we kindly ask that you wait until the last child has been dismissed and we will be happy to have a quick chat. 


If this doesn't suit you or you would rather a longer conversation we are available via email or phone call. We are happy for you to request this through the office or via the teacher themselves. The teacher will then find a convenient time for them and you, to call/email you. 

As you understand we are really busy but we will endeavour to contact you at our earliest availability.


We will always ensure that  if there is any need to contact you individually we will do so.

Please make sure we have your up to date contact details (mobile & email), any changes please notify the school office at your earliest convenience. 



Your child will be given a colour levelled reading book that they can change everyday in school with an adult. To ensure that there is no delay in changing reading books we ask that you sign on completion of the book.

On entry into our class is a reading book basket. Any books placed in here by your child will be checked by the class teacher and then changed. 

Please read with your child ideally everyday, but as often as possible. Reading opens so many opportunities and is fundamental to your child's learning.



Homework will be sent out every Friday through Seesaw. Homework will be a chance for children to consolidate the weeks learning and will vary between subjects. 

 Please submit the completed homework by the following Wednesday so that it can be marked.

If you have problems accessing Seesaw please let us know.




PE kits will be required on PE days only.


All children are expected to arrive in a suitable PE kit on their PE days.

Children can remain in their PE kits all day and there is no need to send in a school uniform.


A suitable PE kit can include: white T-shirt, navy shorts,  long pair of navy/black jogging bottoms and a long sleeved top (fleece or cardigan) and trainers (velcro please if children cannot tie their own laces)

PE will take place indoors and/or outdoors so please ensure that on PE days to have a quick check of the weather before hand


Our PE days are

Every Monday and Thursday 


School Awards