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Another wonderful week in Reception Oak.


This week we have continued to explore the season 'Autumn'. We have painted autumn trees, looking carefully at colour and shape.


We have learnt about birds migrating south for winter - but we know some stick around! It can be a hard time for birds to find food because of the cold, so we made bird feeders! We also know that a group of birds is called a flock!


In maths we have explored size. We ordered some leaves from BIGGEST to SMALLEST in the outdoor classroom.


In literacy we have begun learning our new 'talk 4 write' story 'The Ginger Bread Man'. We already know almost all the actions and are using story language such as 'once upon a time', 'next', 'after that' and 'finally'. We made stick men in our first school and have been writing the word ‘man’ and the sentence ‘it is a man’.

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