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Super Learners in Reception Elm smiley


This week we have continued to explore the season Autumn and talked we talked about how we need to wrap up warm now the weather is changing. In Art we have painted autumn trees, looking carefully at colour, shape and different shades. I was so impressed with the children's knowledge of trees! 


We have learnt about birds migrating south for winter and were really excited to make bird feeders next week. We have learnt that a group of birds is called a flock! 


In maths we have been learning about size and we did some measuring using different objects. 

We ordered a leaves from tallest to shortest and we lay next to the leaves to see who was the same size. 


In literacy we have been learning our new 'talk 4 write' story 'The Ginger Bread Man'. We have created our own story maps and we know the actions to the story. We have used story language such as 'once upon a time', 'next', 'after that' and 'finally'. Outdoors we made stick men in forest school and have been writing the sentence 'He is a man' and the cvc word 'man' 


Finally, we had a wonderful day dressed up for children in need, we talked about how we can always help other children and how important it is to have a kind warm heart. We have displayed our beautiful feelings hearts in our classroom. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


Mrs Peters smiley


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