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1 Ash - Miss Barber

World Book Day 2021

December 2020 Newsletter

September Return Information for Parents

Welcome to Year 1 Ash


After what has been a very strange start to our year we are so excited to welcome you all back and start our Year 1 Journey together!


I hope that you have all had a lovely, relaxing summer with your family and friends. We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and the nice things that you have been up to at home. We are pretty sure that you are really excited to be returning to school to finally get to see all of your friends.

A chance to chat, play and of course smile. 


Our journey of continued learning is soon to begin and we know that your grown ups love to see all the wonderful opportunities you have at school.


Our class page will be filled with the awe and wonder of our school days. So be sure to check this out every week not only to see our progress but also to reflect on our wonderful times and to keep your smiles ever lasting even when you get home.


We can't wait to begin what we know will be an amazing year with the most amazing children.


See you all soon!

laughMiss Barber & Mr Carver laugh


Everyday Routines 


School starts at 8:50 - 9:10

(Children are able to arrive during these times whilst current

Covid measures apply but please no later than 9:10)  


As I'm sure you will understand we are unable to invite parents into school for our SODA activities which we usually use to share what the children have been learning. However, we will be using our class pages to showcase all of the SODA activities that we will still be doing each day and we would love for you to share this with your children. 


We appreciate that dropping off your children is a very special moment especially for their long awaited return. But we kindly ask that a speedy goodbye will ensure the safety of all our Moss Park Infant Community. 


School finishing times are at present between 3:00 and 3:20. Children can be collected between these times. Once again we kindly ask that  collecting of pupils is speedy to ensure that appropriate safety measures are continued. 


A chance to talk with your child's class teacher is so important to us and we love nothing more than to come and find you and tell you all about the magic each and everyone brings to our class. As this can no longer take place in our traditional Moss Park fashion, we will be sharing our class email address so that you can always contact us.

The end of each week we will be posting a Vlog to our class pages. So be sure to check this out as it will really make you smile as we tell you all about the wonderful learning we have just done and to give you a little taster of whats to come next week. 


We will always ensure that during these times if there is any need to contact you individually we will do so. Please make sure we have your up to date contact details (mobile & email), any changes please notify the school office at your earliest conviencence. 



Your child will be given a colour levelled reading book that they can change everyday in school with an adult. To ensure that there is no delay in changing reading books we ask that you sign on completion of the book.

On entry into our class is a reading book basket. Any books placed in here by your child will be checked by the class teacher and then changed. 

Please read with your child ideally everyday, but as often as possible. Reading open so many opportunities and is fundamental to your child's learning.



Homework will be sent out every Friday, please return the completed homework by the following Wednesday so that it can be marked 

Thank you



PE kits will be required on PE days only.


All children are expected to arrive in a suitable PE kit on their PE days.

Children can remain in their PE kits all day and there is no need to send in a school uniform.


In light of the most recent of measures PE kits will be required to go home with children after each PE lesson so as to avoid where possible the sharing of personal items children can remain in their PE kits and return home in them.

A suitable PE kit can include: white T-shirt, navy shorts, pumps, long pair of navy/black jogging bottoms and a long sleeved top (fleece or cardigan).

PE will take place indoors and/or outdoors so please ensure that on PE days to have a quick check of the weather before hand

Our PE days are

Every Thursday 

every other Monday

(Prior to the Monday PE lesson our school office will send a reminder on the Friday before hand)

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2020/21

School Awards